Allen West and Frank Beckmann Discuss Brussels, Obama in Cuba, Immigration and More

Lt. Col. Allen West was a guest on WJR 760 AM radio out of Detriot, MI. He is currently the Executive Director & Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at the National Center for Policy Analysis. His radio host was Frank Beckmann. Frank Carl Beckmann is an American broadcaster who is currently a talk radio host on WJR in Detroit, Michigan. He also was the radio play-by-play announcer for University of Michigan football from 1981 to 2013

Frank and Allen discussed various topics during the interview. Allen West expressed his sympathy for the Belgium people to start with and this evolved into a discussion of immigration and open borders. Next they covered President Obama’s visit to Cuba. There are multiple takeaways from this part of the interview. Did you know that Obama was not invited by the Cuban government. No wonder he did not get the welcome he deserved. Also covered was our President allowing Raul Castro to denigrate our country and even agreeing with him. It is a good interview and worth the time to listen. Enjoy, if you can, that is.

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