Allen West: Are you Entertained? … Win the Crowd 

What do President Trump and the phrase “win the crowd” have in common? What does it have to do with the Republic known as the United States of America? How do a gladiator and the Empire of Rome come to be used as an example for action? All this and much more as Allen West talks about the tasks facing President Trump’s new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci.

As Written By Allen B. West for Townhall:

One of my all time favorite movies is Ridley Scott’s Academy Award winning film “Gladiator”, starring Russell Crowe. If you are a true movie buff, you will know that it was a loosely adapted remake of a film called “The Fall of the Roman Empire” with Stephen Boyd, Sophia Loren, George Mason, and Christopher Plummer. There were so many great and memorable lines from the movie Gladiator. And who could forget that opening battle scene.

However, the film was all about the transfer of power and the restoration of Rome back to its original self, a Republic. That was to be entrusted to Crowe’s character General Maximus Desmus Meridius, a heroic military leader who had never even seen Rome – a true outsider. But, Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ immoral son, Lucius Aurelius Commodus, wanted sole rule as Emperor.

You know the story, Commodus seeks to kill Maximus and his family, succeeding in the latter, but Maximus ends up being found by slavers who sell him to a Gladiator school owned by freed Gladiator, Proximo.

Of course Maximus is driven by anger and the desire for revenge and after one of his arena victories yells at the crowd…”are you entertained”? And it is then that the wise former Gladiator, Proximo, calls Maximus in and advises him with three simple words, “win the crowd”.

Why do I share this vignette with you, the astute readers of Townhall? Simple, we are in a seminal battle in America to retain our future as a constitutional Republic, or turn into something else entirely. America has entrusted an outsider, President Donald Trump to restore this nation–to “Make America Great Again”. The forces aligned against President Trump want America fundamentally transformed, and are doing all they can to destroy not just Trump, but also his family. Now, granted, there have been several unforced errors by President Trump that have fueled the angst of his detractors, his political opposition. In that being so, President Trump oft times seems driven by revenge, blinded by a desire to inflict hurt on those causing him hurt.

Yes, there are those who find President Trump’s tweets “entertaining”, they admonish him to continue. But these same social media communications approaches sometimes take President Trump away from the mission for which he was entrusted, to restore the American ………


Are you Entertained? … Win the Crowd – Allen West

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