Allen West: As convention begins, black colleges drop TRUTH BOMB about Dems 

The Democrat Party has a very disturbing history with the black community, one of slavery, secession, segregation, and socialism.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Well, the Democrat National Committee convention is underway in Philadelphia — rather ironic if you ask me. Of course you’re going to see and hear all the pandering and race baiting that has come to be the new American Socialist Party. As a matter of fact, knowing that the mother of one Michael Brown is speaking at the convention is beyond appalling. But this is what it’s come to, a party that needs to stoke the fires of racial division and victimhood. But really, who are these progressive socialists — perhaps a better expose would cause fewer in the black community to support them.

As reported by The Hill, “A group of historically black colleges say the Obama administration’s new loan forgiveness rules could put them out of business.

The Department of Education proposed new college repayment rules in June that would make it easier for current and former students to seek loan forgiveness. But several historically black colleges say it would “open the floodgates” to lawsuits from “disgruntled” students.

“In fact, the proposed regulation language could undermine the financial viability of a number of academic institutions and could possibly bankrupt less-financially secured colleges and universities,” they wrote in a letter sent Thursday to Education Secretary John King.

Currently, students must prove their school committed “fraud” in order to discharge their loans, but under the proposed changes, they would only need to show misrepresentation. This would lower the standard for loan forgiveness, the schools say.

While larger schools may be able to the weather the storm, school leaders who signed the letter said many of their schools do not have the financial backing necessary to withstand lengthy court battles. They requested a 30-day extension of the comment period, which is scheduled to end Aug. 1. The schools officials that signed the letter represent Bennet College for Women, Clark Atlanta University, Wiley College, Rust College, and the University of Memphis. Rev. Jesse Jackson also signed the letter.”

Now, why should we think the “first black president” would be concerned about historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)? These are institutions that have given President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama carte blanche to come and deliver commencement addresses.

But I just have to ask, do these two Ivy League-educated individuals REALLY care about what happens when it comes to the education of future generations in the black community? After all, it was Obama who cancelled the Washington DC school voucher program — whilehis two daughters attend the elite and prestigious Sidwell Friends School.

And so it is — just as with small community banks struggling under Dodd-Frank regulation — these small black institutions of higher learning are being driven into the ground by Obama. Apparently the only purpose blacks have for Obama and his ilk are to be driven into the streets in a frenzy to protest, and of course populate the new 21st century economic plantation.

Why would the left want future generations of young black kids to have a quality education? Doggone, then they can’t make them victims and enlist them for the welfare nanny-state.

We wrote last year about the charter school protest in Brooklyn, New York where the theme was “End Education Inequality.” And we’ve shared with you (avowed socialist) Mayor Bill de Blasio’s war against charter schools — namely one, the Success Academy in Harlem. And ask yourself, when was the last time ….

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As convention begins, black colleges drop TRUTH BOMB about Democrats – Allen B. West –

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