Allen West “At a time of global crisis this is the answer? Pass a terrible resolution and go home?”

The Obama administration and indeed now Congress are apparently dead set on “arming” Syrian rebels to fight against ISIS.

So now we’re going to expend resources to hire — outsource — individuals without a thorough vetting to fight the enemy of America, ISIS? If we cannot afford to pay our own, why should we be paying and using taxpayer funds for these shadow figures?

Members of Congress signed off on $500 million of American taxpayer dollars while we refuse to take care of our own military — that ladies and gents makes no doggone sense.

But not much coming out of Washington D.C. does very much these days.

Steadfast and Loyal

Allen West

I will not support any Member of the U.S. House who supports this resolution. This is a horrible response and if this is the future of U.S. national security, let’s just dissolve our U.S. military and outsource our security – that’s what Rome ended up doing as it glided towards its demise. We have an enemy, ISIS, who has declared war against us and beheaded our citizens and we want to trust someone else to fight for us.

At a time of global crisis this is the answer? Pass a terrible resolution and go home? Can this actually be the best that America can do? Obama didn’t present a viable strategy — this is just a matter of kicking the can down the road — but hey, here’s your blank check for $500 million. ~ Allen West


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