Allen West at Marquette: Discusses taxation, foreign policy and workforce development

Lt. Col. Allen West addressed the Marquette College Republicans Monday night in the Alumni Memorial Union Monaghan Ballrooms to speak about a flat tax rate, workforce development and President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

The former representative of Florida’s 22nd Congressional district said he believes the current system of taxation in the United States does not incentivize the general public to start businesses.

“A lot of people up in Washington, D.C. don’t understand that small business owners don’t operate from a corporate business tax rate. Small businesses operate from a personal income tax rate,” West said.

West proposes moving from a progressive tax which takes a greater percentage from higher income brackets to a flat tax where most pay the same rate. He feels that this change will increase economic participation.


Lt. Col. Allen West visits Marquette College Republicans – Marquette Wire.

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