Allen West: Before Obama leaves he imposes rules to take $3,080 from every U.S. citizen

In January, we can expect more of the same worthless ideological drama from the Democrats, truly a party stuck on stupid.

As Written By Allen B. West:

If there’s one area of self-examination the Democrat Party should be undertaking, it’s their messaging. Consider what the party of the jackass has come to be known for — fixing the weather, demonizing law enforcement officers, protecting illegal aliens (to include criminal illegal aliens), gender neutrality and demanding men go into women’s bathrooms. The left has hitched its wagons to purely emotional issues that have nothing to do with Americans working, providing for their families and feeling secure.

And now we’ve yet another indicator of a regulatory reversal the Trump administration must undertake.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, The new implementation of EPA rules on heavy trucks has boosted the 10-year regulatory burden on America past $1 trillion, 75 percent of which have been imposed by the Obama administration. 

That amounts to a one-time charge of $3,080 per person, or an annual cost of $540, according to a new analysis from American Action Forum. 

“In other words, each year every person, regardless of age, in the nation is responsible for paying roughly $540 in regulatory costs. These burdens might take the form of higher prices, fewer jobs, or reduced wages,” said AAF’s Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy at the watchdog group.”

[SOURCE: American Action Forum]

We previously shared with you a list of regulations that have had a $42B impact on businesses in America. This is what the Democrat Party, under Obama, has come to be known for. And when you have rule by “pen and phone,” it results in the expansion and growth of the bureaucratic administrative state. Resulting in the phenomenon I call hidden taxation without representation. The origination clause of the Constitution clearly states that revenue-generating measures are supposed to originate in the House of Representatives. And if you were paying attention, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, actually originated in the Senate with their reconciliation vote on the measure. Once the U.S. Supreme Court, mainly Chief Justice Roberts, ruled the individual mandate was constitutional under the taxing authority of Congress, well, he actually made Obamacare unconstitutional. Reason being, the Senate cannot be the originator of a revenue-generating measure; only the House of Representatives. And certainly, the Executive branch is not supposed to be creating revenue-generating measures that have an adverse effect upon the electorate, our citizens.

The sad reality is that since the liberal progressive left dominates our educational system, none of this is taught in what we used to call Civics. Heck, most American adults don’t grasp the fundamental principles of a constitutional republic, and how it’s supposed to be governed. Hence why the mindless lemmings cheered and went into a euphoric frenzy when Obama said he would “fundamentally transform” America. What we now know is that he was all about moving from a constitutional republic, with a rule of law and system of governance…to a constitutional monarchy where the citizenry is ruled and the system of representative governance means nothing. Recall those Hollywood types who chimed that they just wished Obama could do whatever he wanted — Gwyneth Paltrow was one. This represents the coastal elitists of the liberal progressive left who believe they know far better than you do, about how you should live you life.

You know, those folks who say you should not be able to defend yourself, yet they live behind fences, walls, with armed guards, as they fly around in private jets and vacay on private yachts. But no no no, that’s for them, not for you. This is the abject and ignorant hypocrisy that resulted in the electoral woodshed the Democrats endured on November 8th.

In January, we can expect more of the same worthless ideological drama from the Democrats, truly a party stuck on stupid. They will seek to convince this country that massive regulations are necessary. They will throw tantrums, like they did this past summer in the House of Representatives, about tax reform because they want you dependent, not economically independent — in which case they lose a voting base. They will go apoplectic defending criminal illegal aliens, and decry the loss of federal funding when they’re in the ….

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ALERT: Before he leaves, Obama imposes rules to take $3,000 from every U.S. citizen – Allen B. West –

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