Allen West: BOOM! Trump administration “serves notice” AGAIN, this time on… 

The United Nations is no longer the organization that it was after World War II and the Trump administration is putting it on notice. The behavior of the Human Rights Council of the UN has become nothing but a platform from which to slam Israel, the only democracy in the middle east. It is time for the UN to answer up for its transgressions. The power of the purse, maybe?

As Written By Allen B. West:

Let’s be very honest, there are countless challenges facing the Trump administration. I’d personally recommend less Twitter time and more policy emphasis. President Trump did a phenomenal job last Tuesday evening with his address to a joint session of Congress.

As we shared, that’s the reason why the Democrats have viciously sought to shift the narrative…to include leaking the private email address of the vice president’s wife — certainly something the liberal progressive media would never have contemplated during the past eight years. It’s time for the president to retake the narrative and assert his policy focus and agenda.

One of the points where President Trump can make great inroads is to reevaluate our foreign policy when it comes to aid provided, and relationships. The first place where the president can start is the home of despots, dictators, autocrats and theocrats — the United Nations.

Our friends at CNS News offer this insight into that which some of us were already aware:

”The Trump administration put the U.N. Human Rights Council on notice [last] Wednesday, criticizing the Geneva-based body for its “obsession with Israel” and also taking a swipe at the presence among its members of rights-abusing regimes. “As we consider our future engagements, my government will be considering the council’s actions with an eye toward reform to more fully achieve the council’s mission to protect and promote human rights,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Erin Barclay told the HRC. 

After eight years of Obama administration engagement, the council is facing the possibility that the U.N.’s biggest funder by far could withdraw. Barclay did not mention that in her remarks Wednesday, beyond the warning about considering “future engagements.” 

In reference to the HRC’s often troubling membership, she said that the people of some of its member states “face ongoing efforts by their own governments to restrict their human rights and fundamental freedoms.” 

“In some member states, individuals are subjected to arbitrary detention, extrajudicial killings, and sexual and gender-based violence by officials of their own governments,” Barclay continued. “That is unacceptable, especially given the leadership role that council members have.”

As previously reported, one in four of the 47 elected members of the HRC this year are autocracies with poor records on human rights and political freedom. Barclay also slammed the HRC for what she called its “consistent unfair and unbalanced focus on one democratic country, Israel.” Noting that Israel – alone among the U.N.’s 193 member-states – is the subject of a permanent HRC agenda item, she asked, “How is that a sensible priority?”

“Right now, the Assad regime is bombing hospitals in Syria and forcing its own people to flee as refugees to neighboring countries to escape its murderous rule,” she said. “Right now, in North Korea and Iran, millions of people are denied their freedoms of religion or belief, of peaceful assembly and association, and of expression.”

Now, the United Nations has enjoyed the previous eight years of an Obama administration that joined with them in the animus towards the State of Israel. Funny, they attempt to castigate Israel as a violator of human rights, yet this collective global body of governance granted status to a terrorist thug organization known as the Palestinian Authority (Fatah), the PLO. The Obama administrate even recognized and granted diplomatic status and a mission in Washington D.C. to this slick, suit-wearing group of Islamic jihadists.

We have and shall continue to share with you the support of folks like Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, for the brazen stabbing attacks against Israeli citizens. Israel is still receiving rocket and missile fire from areas controlled by Fatah, Hamas and Hezbollah. Israel also has threats of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra on its border, yet the U.N. Human Rights Council and Security Council spends its time sanctioning Israel.

Yes folks, we pay nearly 26 percent of the UN budget, and this is our return on investment?

Our new ambassador to the United Nations, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, has already established our position as not acquiescing to this gathering. It will be interesting to hear President Trump’s first address to the U.N. General Assembly.

It’s an organization that the Obama administration in its final days allowed to pass a resolution against Israel in the Security Council. When you consider some of the actors on the U.N. Human Rights Council, you can only laugh. Yet, why has there never been a million women’s march against some of these nations? Ah yes, progressive socialist hypocrisy. Where are the rainbow signs in protest of Iran — you know, the country to which Barack Obama gave billions, yet they have no change in their violations of the most basic of human rights, especially to gays and women.

The United Nations once served a purpose coming in the aftermath of World War II. It was supposed to be a better solution than the failure known as the League of Nations. However, just like the European Union, the U.N. morphed and has become an entity acting beyond its original charter.

Furthermore, we must realize that all nation-states are not created equal, and some have very different goals and objectives. To accept the premise that Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China should sit together at a table with the United States and other true classical liberal democracies is absurd.

We now have that opportunity to reshape the United Nations, along with NATO, and organize like-minded states who share the same political ideology into a focused diplomatic, economic and military organization — not some insidious body politic — that will stand firm against the threats of state and non-state belligerents, the enemies of liberty, freedom, and human rights.

We must end this really dumb charade that somehow we have shared values with Saudi Arabia — we don’t!

I’d prefer to see tweets from President Trump that provide us a vision into how he’ll redefine the global environment…and no, I’m not talking about goofy global climate change resolutions that are nothing more than global redistribution of wealth schemes.

And let me be honest: cutting the …..


BOOM: Trump administration “serves notice” AGAIN, this time on… – Allen B. West –

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