Allen West Call to action: Military Fair Pay Act and Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi

by Allen West

You have to wonder if there are any government employees on food stamps or having to work a second job to make ends meet for their families. I found it quite interesting that President Obama –the Commander-in-Chief Obama – pushes for an executive order for government contract employees to get a $10.10 minimum wage — but said nothing about those who serve in uniform.

Let’s compare: who works longer hours and under far more challenging conditions, civilian government employees and contractors at the EPA or IRA — or a young sergeant on his third combat tour of duty with a wife and two kids?

Thankfully, a piece of legislation is being drafted in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Military Fair Pay Act, which you can read here. I cannot imagine any Representative who would not support it.

The political games being played with our military are unconscionable — to include now allowing illegal immigrants to serve for citizenship. The decimation of our Armed Forces and the lip service and speeches given with no definitive actions taken to improve their quality of life — not to mention capability and capacity to defeat the enemy — is unforgivable. (Continue at the link below)

 Call to action: Military Fair Pay Act and Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi | Allen B. West –



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