Allen West Calls Out Bernie Sanders and his SNAKE OIL Routine!

The former Congressman and retired LTC said Sanders may have shown “intestinal fortitude” by his recent event at Liberty University but ………..

As Written by Mark Hensch for The Hill:

Former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) says Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was brave to take his progressive message before conservative audiences.

“I gotta hand it to Senator Sanders for possessing the intestinal fortitude to go before a Christian conservative university and talk about socialist economic policies,” West wrote in his blog about Sanders’s visit to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.

“Gotta hand it to ya, Bernie – you’ve got far more cajones than GOP elected officials,” he added of the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate.

West went on to say:

“But there are those of us who recognize the snake oil you’re selling,” he added, arguing that Sanders’s self-described “socialist” positions put him on the wrong side of the economic debate.

“There’s no economic injustice in America,” West said. “And we certainly don’t need any socialists speaking of how they will solve the issue.

“Matter of fact, a socialist like Bernie Sanders couldn’t care less about individual liberty and economic empowerment,” West continued. “He would advance policies that create more economic enslavement by way of wealth redistribution.

“I pray students there in the audience are a tad bit more intellectually savvy than to fall for the poisonous honey spewed by Sanders,” the former Florida lawmaker added.

Sanders surprised political pundits by appearing at Liberty University’s overwhelmingly conservative campus on Monday morning.

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