Allen West “China’s Other Disconcerting Issue”

Just what is China’s other disconcerting issue and why should we be concerned with this other issue? We are already aware of the economic goals of dominance that China plans to have over the rest of the world. We see their efforts to contain the South China Sea and make it their own private lake. There is also a humanity issue that involves Christian in China. This is a very real concern for Christians everywhere and shows the underside of the Red Threat.

As Written By Colonel Allen West for Facebook:

There’s a lot of chatter about the trade contentions with China at this time. We must realize that it was China, not the United States, certainly not the Trump administration, that brought us to this point. Unless we have forgotten, China is a communist country. What they have done very well is to put the lipstick of a free market economy on the ugly pig of communism…socialism. But there is another aspect of China that we need know about, not just their obtuse, obstinate, and belligerent manner in matters of economic activity and hegemonic military expansion…something even more troubling.

That is if you care about freedom of religion.

As reported by CNS News,

“The Communist Chinese government banned the sale of Bibles online this week and released a new document dictating its “Policies and Practices on Protecting Freedom of Religious Belief.”

By Thursday, April 5, “internet searches for the Bible came up empty on leading online Chinese retailers, such as, Taobao, and Amazon,” reported the New York Times.

Christianity is the only religion in China, according to The Times, in which its primary holy book, the Bible, is banned online. Books from other religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Islam are available. The Quran is not banned online.

People can buy the Bible at bookstores in China. According to the government’s new document on religious freedom, “China has printed over 160 million copies of the Bible in more than 100 different languages for over 100 countries and regions….”

The restriction of online sales “clearly shows that they [Chinese government] worry or are concerned about Catholics as well as Protestants,” Prof. Yang Fenggang, head of the Center on Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University, told The Times.

The newspaper further reported that the Communist government in China continues to remove crosses from Christian churches and that in 2014-16, “more than 1,500 crosses were removed from churches in one Chinese province with close ties” to President Xi Jinping.

In addition, Christians in some parts of China are ordered to replace pictures of Jesus with those of President Xi, if they want to receive government assistance.

In its document on “Protecting Freedom of Religious Belief,” the Chinese government states that it “manages religious affairs in accordance with the law” and “actively guides religions to adapt to the socialist society….”

Hmm, replacing pictures of Jesus Christ with the image of the new Chairman Mao Tse Tung: Xi Jinping, lest we forget how many Chinese were murdered in the communist bloodlust of Chairman Mao. It is imperative that we peel back the veneer and see China, not the everyday people, but the leadership, for what it is, a communist country. It is a state-controlled country, to include the fact that all of its major means of economic production are nationalized, and subsidized, by the communist government.

With China being a communist country, the focus is not on individual sovereignty, but rather collective subjugation, submission. And, what runs in complete contrast to that fundamental principle of socialism, progressivism, socialism, statism, Marxism, is Christianity. Christianity is not about an individual seeking salvation from the government or man. Christianity is about eternal life and salvation through the saving Grace of God, as enabled by the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How interesting, as just a week ago Christians celebrated Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection and we shared with Y’all our Easter Message of Faith that weekend.

It is indeed a time we send a very clear message to the maniacal menace that is China. President Trump should stop saying that he has a “great” relationship with Xi Jinping and that they are friends. It is time to call Xi Jinping out for who he is: a totalitarian communist ruler who has embraced North Korean madman Kim Jong Un. And we should not forget the level of Christian persecution by North Korea.

It’s not just about our need to level the economic playing field: we must also, finally, stand up to China and their incessant human rights abuses, namely, persecution of Christians. It should be very disconcerting that China has produced an oxymoronic document entitled “Protecting Freedom of Religious Belief” that states their intent is to manage religious affairs in accordance with the law and that they actively guide religions to adapt to the socialist society. That does not sound like religious freedom to me.

“China is ranked among the Top 50 countries in the world for persecution of Christians, according to the World Watch List. According to Freedom House, “controls over religion in China have increased since 2012, seeping into new areas of daily life and triggering growing resistance from believers.” “As the larger of the two main Christian denominations in China, Protestants have been particularly affected by cross-removal and church-demolition campaigns, punishment of state-sanctioned leaders, and the arrest of human rights lawyers who take up Christians’ cases,” said Freedom House in its report, The Battle for China’s Spirit: Religious Revival, Repression, and Resistance under Xi Jinping.”

As a Christian Constitutional Conservative, an American, I recognize the threat that is China. I’ve stated it before, and will again, we either stand up to China or keep getting bent over by China. The new 21st-century axis of evil is Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China.

America’s foundation as a Constitutional Republic is rooted in our rule of law, individual rights, freedoms, and liberties, our free market economy, and our Judeo-Christian faith heritage. The aforementioned four countries stand in utter contrast, and in open confrontation, to those fundamentals…this especially holds true to China.

Also remember, Russia and Iran are aiding, abetting, and supporting the barbarism of Assad in Syria.

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