Allen West: Christians FURIOUS after U.S. Army makes this concession to atheists

This must end, and it can only end if we’re fed up with this nonsense and ensure we do not have any more liberal progressive socialists in the White House who encourage the radical secular humanists.

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As Written By Allen B. West:

On Thursday night, I spoke in Waco, Texas at McClane Stadium’s Baylor Club for the Combat Marine Outdoors program which uses hunting as a means of therapy for our wounded Warriors. It was such an honorable event and to be with those men who’ve been willing to give the last full measure of devotion to our Republic — and paid a life long price for their service — made for an emotional evening.

We are at a crossroads in America, where we MUST decide if we’re willing to stand up and defend this nation’s honor, and with that, regard our veterans with the deepest reverence. To think that a week ago the VA secretary compared our veterans awaiting healthcare to folks waiting in line at an amusement park, and he’s still got his job, is indicative of a country gone off the rails. And considering the media didn’t pursue this past a 48-hour news cycle clearly evidences our adult version of attention deficit disorder.

And now here we are a week later with another insidious slap in the face of a distinguished veteran, and ultimate Warrior.

Not too long ago we brought you the story of retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin who had his adjunct professor’s contract at Hampden-Sydney College terminated because of his response to the inane Obama transgender bathroom edict. Your voices resonated and the college restored LTG Boykin to its faculty… but sadly we must report an even greater measure of disrespect.

As reported by Fox News, “A Kansas military base {Ft. Riley} abruptly canceled an upcoming prayer breakfast that featured retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin after complaints were lodged that Boykin is anti-Muslim and anti-gay.

Military Religious Freedom Foundation founder Mikey Weinstein told Army Times that Boykin’s invitation had caused great angst among soldiers at Fort Riley – leading some to break down in tears. “I have clients of ours weeping on the phone about this,” he said. Weeping? Oh, please.

“I sincerely doubt that America can expect to win wars if the people who are tasked to do so are frightened by an old retired general with biblical views and a testimony of faith,” Boykin told me.

Boykin, an original member of Delta Force and an executive vice president of the Family Research Council, was scheduled to deliver remarks at a June 6thprayer breakfast. The event was set to be held in conjunction with the 1stInfantry Division’s Victory Week celebration.

The MRFF launched a protest on May 31 accusing the retired three-star general of being a “homophobic, Islamophobic, fundamentalist Christian extremist.”

“He sows hatred and heinous divisiveness with his sickening screed of fundamentalist Christian supremacy, primacy, exclusivity and triumphalism,” Weinstein wrote in a complaint to Fort Riley. Mr. Weinstein might want to consider cutting back on caffeine – and adjectives. He went on to label the decorated military hero as a “World Class bigot” and threatened to sue unless Boykin was ejected.”

I was recently at Ft. Riley where I participated in the 25th anniversary remembrance of Operation Desert Storm with the dedication of a plaque at the 16th Infantry Regiment headquarters. I’m an Honorary Member of the 16th Infantry Regiment from my time at Ft. Riley in the 1st Infantry Division as a captain. I personally know the commanding general of the 1st Infantry Division, Major General Wayne Grigsby, with whom I attended the Army Staff College and served at Ft. Bragg same time.

My first comment is, who the heck calls up Mikey Weinstein, a whiner extraordinaire, and cries to him about a retired lieutenant general coming to a prayer breakfast? Heck, my response would have been, tell the cry baby not to go to the prayer breakfast, and get out of the 1st Infantry Division.

Now mind you, this is the same division whose legacy is that of landing on Omaha Beach on June 6th 1944, Normandy, D-Day. The motto of the 1st Infantry Division is “No mission too difficult, No sacrifice too great…Duty first.” When I was stationed there back in 1988-1991, my first division commander was General Gordon R. Sullivan, who went on to become the Army chief of staff. His saying for the division was, “if you want to pick a fight, you came to the right place.” Now my first combat division is relegated to being the home of cry babies?

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot? Who the heck cares what Mikey Weinstein says or thinks when it comes to our military? Why is he given a platform, an audience? And who made this decision to cancel the founding member of Operations Detachment (Delta) from speaking at a prayer breakfast…to Soldiers?

I think that’s what we should all be calling the 1st Infantry Division headquarters to find out. And to think, here I am to speak to the Big Red One annual reunion in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia in two weeks. I suppose Weinstein would go so far as to determine who can speak at the First Infantry Division Association gatherings?

About Boykin, Weinstein stated, “He sows hatred and heinous divisiveness with his sickening screed of fundamentalist Christian supremacy, primacy, exclusivity and triumphalism,” and that makes Soldiers who are called to defend our nation cry? Gimme a break! I truly do not recognize my Army anymore. Perhaps this is a ……..

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Disgraceful: Army BANS Christian war hero from prayer breakfast – Allen B. West –

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