Allen West: Comey may be biggest news this week, but it’s not the most DISTURBING… 

The news about the firing of FBI Director James Comey by his boss, President Donald Trump, has sucked all the oxygen out of the room. It is a major distraction because of the hysterical frenzy of the Democrats and the mainstream media. In the mean time a ton of national business is not being hamdled. It is time for the adults to enter the room and take charge again. Read this report by former Congressman Allen West.

As Written By Allen B. West:

If there’s one word to describe this week it would have to be bizarre. The apoplectic reaction of the progressive socialist left on the news of the firing of FBI Director James Comey was quite fascinating.

However, I would also submit that several of President Trump’s “tweets” were somewhat disconcerting, such as possibly ending the daily White House press briefings. In all of this my concern is, who will be the adult in the room? America is facing monumental domestic and foreign policy issues, and it seems as though no one is focused. Right now I find Washington D.C. completely distracted by issues they’ve created, not issues pertinent to the everyday American citizen.

This whole Russia charade has to end, and the only way it will is if we, the people stop paying attention to the news. We need to write emails and op-ed pieces demanding the media stop this tomfoolery.

Last week this time, we found out President Trump was zero for two with Secretary of the Army nominations. At least the U.S. Air Force now has a secretary in former U.S. Congresswoman and Air Force veteran, Heather Wilson. I bet most of you out there who had no idea Ms. Wilson was confirmed early this week.

But we still have no civilian head of the Army and Navy, along with some 54 other positions requiring Senate confirmation in our Defense department. That means we have Obama holdovers, such as Deputy SecDef Robert Work, and “acting jacks” fulfilling critical roles that pertain to our defense budgeting and policy.

I would say this is hardly the time for tweeting, as this situation is replicated in many other administrative departments. And if you haven’t been paying attention, we have a global security situation ablaze, and ask yourself, have you heard any word about the release of the Trump National Security Strategy? Ok, I know, I’m making some of you angry, but I have high standards that I apply equally.

The results of the South Korea presidential elections will have an impact on the delicate situation on the Korean peninsula. The new president is more to the left and is no fan of the THAAD system being deployed. He is seeking out a diplomatic engagement with the psychotic Kim Jung Un. We hear nothing about the situation south of us in Venezuela.

And we reported here on the degraded situation in Mexico, now the second most violent country in the world — right on our border. These are the issues that need to be addressed. I for one — and I believe y’all as well — have grown sick of the immaturity emanating from inside the Beltway. We look like idiots. And oh by the way, where is Bowe Bergdahl? And has someone slipped PVT Chelsea Bradley Manning out of Ft. Leavenworth without telling us?

I must also confide that I’m not a big fan of incessant use of executive orders, as we live in a Constitutional Republic, not a monarchy. The use of these executive directives cannot replace the good old-fashioned function of the legislative process. So again, we’re distracted by these orders while key legislative issues go unresolved.

This week we learned that AETNA is dumping Obamacare exchanges, and the state of Iowa may be without any individual health insurance coverage. And the news came out that in Virginia, they can expect a minimum 20 percent premium increase. And if you were to peruse the liberal progressive news outlets, the storyline is that Republicans are going to kill people.

It’s this type of subjective sensationalist media coverage that ensures there is a contingent of Americans who are kept clueless. A living example of such was at Bethune-Cookman University where Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, was treated not just disrespectfully, but rudely booed and jeered by the graduating class. As opposed to a Linda Sarsour, who is embraced and given a platform – we’ve detailed her Islamist exploits here. Reminds me of when former……


Comey may be biggest news this week, but it’s not the most DISTURBING… – Allen B. West –

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