Allen West destroys Obama’s pretty speeches and rhetoric against Islamic terrorism

by Allen West

If President Obama could hit the “reset button,” I think he’d rewind this week and try to get a mulligan – but then again, I could be totally wrong. If I am completely wrong, then our policy towards degrading, defeating, and destroying ISIS is non-existent.

In simple terms, America, we’re screwed.

And just so everyone out there understands, there were things the Bush administration stated regarding combating this Islamic terrorist enemy with which I did not agree. However, President George W. Bush showed resolve when all seemed against him, and we did indeed defeat al-Qaida in Iraq. A fragile stability was handed over to President Obama, who then felt a campaign promise was more vital than reality on the ground. No one can debate this simple fact: a vacuum was left in Iraq. That which was defeated has reconstituted — and we have no plan to re-defeat. Speeches and rhetoric, yes, but no vision.

Consider this last week if you will. ISIS beheads twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christian men and sends a definitive threat towards “Rome.” There are reports of forty-five people burned alive in the town of al-Baghdadi, located just five miles away from 300 Marines at al-Asad Base. And what has been our response in this week?


Let’s review the summit on countering violent extremism: America, we’re screwed. [VIDEO] – Allen B. West –


This week we demonstrated to Islamic terrorists that we are unwilling to do anything — doggone, we showed them we’re actually afraid to even state who they are.

We showed them that we would rather retreat into academic intellectualism and emotional diatribe when all we need is resolve. We showed them we are not willing to stand for our values. We showed them that they are indeed on the march and victorious, as they believe their text commands.

However, the good thing is that they’re not seeing the real us. What they saw this week was not America. And I actually do hope the enemy is emboldened, because it will make the victory even greater. We will defeat Islamic terrorism, jiahdism, fascism, totalitarianism. Never surrender, never, ever, never surrender!

And that is the true nature of who we are, not Barack Obama or Marie Harf.”



Allen West destroys Obama’s pretty speeches and rhetoric against Islamic terrorism

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