Allen West Did Not Mince Words When Pressed About Melania Trump’s Speech [Video]

As Reported by the Washington Examiner. Former Congressman Allen West expressed indifference over the issue dominating day two of the Republican National Convention: potential plagiarism in Melania Trump’s Monday night speech.

“I don’t give a damn. I really don’t,” West said in a Facebook Live interview with the Washington Examiner. “I’m concerned about the fact that we have aviation maintenance crews that are out and they’re going through boneyards and going throw museums trying to scavenge parts to keep our aircraft flying. I’m concerned about Islamic jihadism. I’m concerned about the unemployment rate, the growing debt and the deficit. … I don’t really give a doggone about her speech.”

When pressed on the issue, West said the apparent plagiarism was an “unforced error” from the Trump campaign. The retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel went on to suggest that, if they come out of the convention and the public focus is still on Melania’s speech … [Full Story Continues Here]





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