Allen West: DNC Chair, Thomas Perez’s mouth shows it’s gonna get UGLY

The Democrat Party has indeed taken another lurch to the left with the selection of Thomas Perez as its new Chairman. Perez is an Obama operative and a Clinton selectee for the job. His first move was to nominate Representative Keith Ellison as “Deputy Chair.” Mr Pereze then identified President Donald Trump as the enemy that must now be destroyed. That is his key move to unite the party. Go figure.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Greetings folks as we come to the end of the Media Research Center cruise. This morning we arrived back to Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale. Yesterday was a day at sea, and we had some final presentations, but I did get the opportunity to check out the news of the day.

And so it was, that the Democrat Party establishment won out in the chairman’s race, and Thomas Perez, former Obama administration Secretary of Labor won the contest.

He promptly called President Trump “the worst president in the history of the United States.” After one month in office. Jeepers.

We previously shared my assessment of the DNC race here. What the selection of Perez does is expand the chasm within the Democrat Party, something the liberal progressive media doesn’t like to discuss very much.

Once again the progressive socialist stormtroopers of the left lost, as the corruption showed with Debbie Wasserman Schultz ensuring Bernie Sanders lost.

Now, let’s not be fooled; Tom Perez is a far left ideologue, but he’s not what the grassroots of the left wanted. His support and backing came from inside the beltway Democrats, and that’s what the far left liberal progressives, especially the younger crowd, find less and less appealing.

There’s a definitive civil war inside the Democrat Party that cannot be masked by the antics of groups like “Indivisible” which is fomenting the rage at GOP town hall meetings. New DNC Chairman Perez has the Herculean task of trying to unite the Democrat Party, and of course the weapon of choice will be Donald Trump.

We saw Keith Ellison take the stage at the DNC debate in Atlanta and declare that as chairman he would pursue impeachment of President Trump…for what? Chairman Perez has to appease that beast, and anything less will not suffice for the far left that owns the Democrat Party…but does not own the Democrat Party apparatus.

We shared with you here the statement of long time liberal Democrat law professor Alan Dershowitz who said after 60 years, he would leave the Democrat Party if Ellison had been elected. His reason? Ellison’s anti-Semitism, and if y’all don’t believe this represented a real threat and concern for the Democrat Party elites, you are delusional.

An Ellison selection would have truly placed the party elite of the Democrat Party in a very dire dilemma. However, they’re in another dilemma. What must they do to appease the far left base led by Senators Sanders and Warren, who endorsed Ellison?

Theirs is a base that will now question whether or not they’ll come out and support those 25 Democrat Senators up for reelection in 2018, ten of them in states won by President Trump. And DNC Chairman Perez must now travel the country and convince folks to rally to the Democrat Party…good luck with that, sir.

Not too many folks will forget some of the insidious and onerous rules Perez sought to implement while Labor Secretary…such as the overtime rule, and the expanded franchising rule. The latter was a means to make the corporations responsible for the actions of franchisees, and that means lawsuits. Before becoming Labor Secretary, Perez had a disturbing record in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. Perez is still a far left ideologue, just not a far left radical, which leaves him in a sort of no man’s land.

DNC Chairman Thomas Perez will find it really difficult to go into those rust belt states flipped by President Trump. The Media Research Center has a great new short documentary out called “Collateral Damage” that outlines the Obama and Democrat Party assault against the coal industry. It’s a very appalling story that details how Obama and his minions destroyed the lives of hard working Americans. Neither Thomas Perez, nor for that matter Keith Ellison, are capable of repairing that damage. The fact that Ellison and Perez were the top two candidates for DNC Chairman is very telling. It exposes the nature of the Democrat Party. It’s a far left party, but it’s a far left party controlled by the elites, not their grassroots.

Perez’s message will be more of the same, but he faces the challenge of Sisyphus in that there are two stones rolling back down upon him…that from constitutional conservatives and hard working everyday Americans, and ….

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First words out of new DNC chair’s mouth show it’s gonna get UGLY – Allen B. West –

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