Allen West: DNC chooses JAW-DROPPING location for chair candidate forum

There is an unholy alliance between the progressive socialists, who now own the Democratic Party, and Islamo-fascists. And, there are certain Jewish groups, such as J-Street, and individuals, such as George Soros, who have no issue with this deadly alliance.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Some of the benefits of being born and reared down South are all the wise sayings you get to learn from the ol’ folks. They are countless: “a hit dog will holler,” or “an empty wagon makes a lot of noise,” to my dad’s favorite, “never read your own press, and never drink your own tub water.”

From my mom, the venerable Snooks West, came these: “a man must stand for something or else fall for anything,” and, “folks will know you by the company you keep.” Sadly, after eight years of Barack Obama, we didn’t listen to mom’s wise words back in 2008. You know, hanging out with folks like Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, and Bernadette Dorn — those associations could have given us a window into this person who told us, “I’m a blank slate, draw upon me as you will.” That slate wasn’t blank; there was much we should have seen. Even my dad’s words had meaning because Obama certainly made a lot of noise, and now we know that wagon was empty, because he certainly voted “present” a lot.

After eight years, the associations, the company kept…all should have given us a warning about Obama, and, also, about what the new American Socialist Party has become.

Indulge me for a moment, and let’s take a short walk down memory lane. As one of his first calls after becoming president, Barack Obama called Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen. It was Barack Obama whose first interview was to Al Arabiya. It was Barack Obama who gave major speeches before the Turkish parliament and the University of Cairo, where he requested Muslim Brotherhood members to be front and center. It was Barack Obama who supported and congratulated Muslim Brotherhood member Mohammed Morsi on becoming the president of Egypt, and who dismissed Abdel Fattah al-Sisi when he overthrew Morsi.

It was Barack Obama who shunned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his first visit to the White House, leaving him alone to walk out the back door. It was Barack Obama’s campaign operatives who somehow found themselves in Israel to undermine Netanyahu’s re-election bid. Talk about election interference!

It was the Democratic Party that shunned PM Netanyahu when he was invited to address a joint session of Congress about the Iranian nuclear agreement. Obama’s executive agreement wasn’t allowed to reach the U.S. Senate floor due to the Democrat’s filibuster. The result: billions of dollars going to the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism and professing death to Israel. Oh yeah, I forgot, it was the Democratic Party who, in their 2012 convention, said it was an “oversight” not to have Jerusalem in their platform as the rightful capital of Israel. I think not.

It’s Barack Obama who, on his way out, had his team of hit men and women abstain from voting on UN Security Council Resolution 2334, ensuring it passed and condemning Israel. So, you’re going to tell me that Barack Obama in these past eight years hasn’t had questionable associations, evidencing sympathies towards Islamic jihadism?

However, that’s not the end, folks.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “The Democratic Party’s slate of nominees [for Chairman] have agreed to participate in a candidate forum hosted at a restaurant owned by a fierce critic of the Jewish State in the face of widespread criticism that one of the leading candidates to chair the Democratic National Committee is anti-Israel.

Candidates for the top DNC post will participate in a candidate forum later this month at Busboys and Poets in Washington, D.C., according to a Politico report. All the major candidates for the chairmanship except Labor Secretary Tom Perez have confirmed they will attend the forum, which is being hosted by Democratic advocacy group Democracy in Color.

Andy Shallal, an Iraqi-born political activist who uses his venue to advance a far-left political agenda, owns the restaurant.

Shallal is a vocal anti-Israel activist, stating that Israel is an “occupation” force guilty of “terrorizing” the Middle East. He has said the United States receives its “marching orders from Tel Aviv.”

“Israel continues to violate international law … while the U.S. and its allies sit on the side, getting its marching orders from Tel Aviv,” Shallal said during the World Says No to the Israel Occupation rally in 2007. “Folks, this is not an accident—this is a plan to create a new American-Israeli century, and those who dare to speak out will be squashed.”

“A century where the military will continue to call the shots, and where Israel, America’s largest arms depot, will continue to control and terrorize the region,” Shallal said.

Shallal also said during the speech that “Palestinians continue to be ethnically cleansed, humiliated, harassed, imprisoned, serially murdered, and assassinated,” adding that “over 300,000 Palestinians have been killed directly because of the occupation.”

In 2013, a group of customers tipped a waitress less because she was wearing an anti-Israel shirt that said “Occupation isn’t pretty.” The shirt, created by radical anti-war group Code Pink, is sold at Busboys and Poets.

The restaurant said in response that it “encourages” staff to wear shirts that are “in line with the beliefs of Busboys and Poets owner Andy Shallal.”

So, this is the place where the Democratic Party will have a candidate forum to decide their next chairperson? Can you imagine if the GOP had their candidate forum at some equally repulsive venue? Like the recent developments in Chicago with four black teens who tortured a white mentally impaired man — taunting him with expletives and Trump invectives…Can you imagine if the roles were reversed? Yet, you hear little condemnation from the Left; hardly any liberal progressive media coverage.

The bottom line is, we know who Barack Obama is. We know who the Democrats are. As my dad said, it’s based on the company they keep.

It’s always the Left demanding the GOP denounce people and groups, yet they blatantly flaunt who they are, and play the insidious game of duplicitous hypocrisy. Let’s not belabor the point and act in cowardice. There is an unholy alliance between the progressive socialists, who now own the Democratic Party, and Islamo-fascists. And, there are certain Jewish groups, such as J-Street, and individuals, such as George Soros, who have no issue with this deadly alliance. I suppose for these Jewish groups and individuals, their progressive socialist ideology is more important than their Jewish heritage. Heck, I can’t complain too loudly since we have blacks who continue to acquiesce and surrender to the liberal progressive Left of the Democratic Party knowing the demise of the black community — and the bloodshed — is on their hands.

Meanwhile, the Democrats come up with …..

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DNC chooses JAW-DROPPING location for chair candidate forum – Allen B. West –

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