Allen West “Duty, Honor, Country: Not in upside down bizzaro progressive world”

by Allen West

Just this afternoon, something hit me about the hypocrisy of liberal progressives. As you often read here in the comments section, liberals are fond of misrepresenting events in my military career, specifically the prisoner interrogation I conducted in order to protect the lives of those under my command.

The current Chief of Staff of the Army, General Ray Odierno, was my 4th Infantry Division Commander in 2003 when I was the Battalion Commander of 2-20th Field Artillery Regiment. It was then-Major General Odierno who brought charges against me for that interrogation which led to my removal from command, an investigation, an Article 32 hearing, and final disposition by way of non-judicial punishment, Article 15.

I redeployed from the Iraq combat theater of operations and after consulting with my wife Angela, submitted my paperwork for retirement from U.S. active duty military service.

Upon my wall hangs a certificate of Honorable Discharge after 22 years of service, signed by the president.


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