Allen West: Election Is a HUGE Referendum on the Failures of Barack Obama [Video]

Former Congressman, Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis and retired Col. Allen West believes this election will be a rejection of the political class that failed the American people. Our sovereignty has not been protected, he says. Folks want to stay safe, and yet policies like sanctuary cities, failed screenings of immigrants and refugees, and the increasing Islamic terrorist violence make Americans distrust their government.


As Written and reported by Ginni Thomas for Daily Caller News Foundation:

“I think it is a huge referendum on the failures of Barack Obama, but also the men and women of the United States Congress who have not upheld their oath to the Constitution.” He does not think America can take another four years of Obama’s policies — policies the president has said Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will continue.

West says voters gave the Republican Congress large majorities because the American people used the ballot box to say “stop Obama’s fundamental transformation.” Yet, they have not.

West thinks it’s gotten worse in many cases. He believes Republicans are not hearing their voters, and treating them as if Washington knows better than they do. “People are done with that.” ……..

Full Story Here:

Allen West: Election Is Referendum On Obama’s Failures | The Daily Caller

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