Allen West Extends a Hand to Trump On This KEY Issue Ignored By GOP for Years! [Video]

Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis, Former Florida Congressman and Retired LTC Allen West joined Lou Dobbs on Fox News to discuss Donald Trumps most recent statements of outreach to the Hispanic and Black Communities in America.

Donald Trump has said something that no other presidential candidate has done in a very long time.

Allen West laid it out in a business perspective. You have never had the GOP heavily invest in these communities. Get into these communities and talk to these folks about what caused them to have the following problems and it stems from putting all their stock in the democratic party for decades.

West also included that he would be willing to assist in doing this with Donald Trump and dared anyone to question him.

  1. High Unemployment Rates
  2. Decimation of the black families
  3. Decimation of the inner center
  4. The lack of opportunities and growth
  5. The lack of opportunity.



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