ALLEN WEST: Far away there’s a more pressing concern that has received little coverage from the mainstream media

This common enemy of humanity and decency we face is the arsonists and they must be stopped. No more denials. No more excuses. No more shifting blame.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Yeah, I know, Fidel Castro is dead. Good riddance to a maniacal dictator who oppressed, imprisoned and killed his own people after making grandiose promises of “change.” And for those “celebrities” and others who believe things are so great in Cuba, try protesting there.

Anyway, far away there’s a more pressing concern that has received little coverage from the mainstream media…and we know why.

As reported by Reuters, “Israeli police arrested 13 people on Friday on suspicion of arson, authorities said, after massive wildfires tore through central and northern Israel, a conflagration that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu branded as “terrorism.”

Firefighters kept battling the flames in wooded hills around Jerusalem and in northern areas on Friday, with support from Palestinian firemen and emergency teams from Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Italy, Russia and Turkey. Netanyahu said he had also accepted offers of help from Egypt and Jordan.

Unseasonably dry weather and easterly winds helped kindle the fires, which erupted on Tuesday and now stretch across half the country. Arson appeared to be behind some of the blazes, Netanyahu said.

“A price will be paid for this arson-terrorism,” he told reporters on Friday. He said the arson was carried out by “elements with great hostility toward Israel.” “We cannot tell yet if this is organized, but we can see a number of cells operating,” Netanyahu said.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said a dozen people had been detained either while attempting to set fires or fleeing the area, but he provided no further details. Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan told reporters 13 people were arrested. Erdan said those arrested were “minorities”, an allusion to either Arab Israeli citizens or Palestinians. “The highest likelihood is that the motive is nationalistic,” Erdan told Army Radio. Police, however, stopped short of declaring any motive.”

Now, some may believe this is much ado about nothing. Oh, to the contrary my friends.

We go back to May 2012 to an article written in the UK Daily Mail, “Al Qaeda has called upon its followers to unleash massive forest fires upon the United States this summer. Published in the latest edition of the notorious terror magazine, ‘Inspire’, are graphic instructions for the creation and ignition of ’ember bombs’

Detailed in the memorably titled, ‘It is of your Freedom to Ignite a Firebomb’, the magazine encourages any would-be terrorist to target Montana, because of the rapid population growth in its wooded areas. ‘In America, there are more houses built in the countryside than in the cities,’ explained the writer known as The AQ Chef according to ABC News. ‘It is difficult to choose a better place than in the valleys of Montana.’

Reveling in the unsubstantiated claim that forest fires in Australia in December 2002, unleashed a heat energy equal to that of 23 nuclear bombs, the new edition of ‘Inspire’ wants the same destructive force unleashed on America. One five-page article [Inspire Magazine] is entitled, ‘Targeting the Populations of Countries at War With Muslims’ which sees al-Awlaki justify the killing of women and children and using chemical and biological weapons.

Even though he states that women and children are not to be deliberately targeted, al-Awlaki says that if they are among ‘combatants’, it is ‘allowed for Muslims to attack them.’ ‘Muslims are allowed to target the populations of countries that are at war with Muslims by bombings or fire-arms attacks or other forms of attacks that inevitably lead to the deaths of non-combatants,’ said al-Awlaki according to CNN.”

But this isn’t the first time Israel has seen mass fires. Back in 2010 Haifa suffered a mass fire assault: “The rash of fires is the worst since 2010, when Israel suffered the single deadliest wildfire in its history. That blaze burned out of control for four days, killed 42 people and was extinguished only after firefighting aircraft arrived from as far away as the United States. Israel has strengthened its firefighting capabilities since then, buying special planes that can drop large quantities of water on affected areas.”

What we are witnessing is an engagement with an enemy that has no boundries. They’ll use every possible means to achieve their ends, the destruction of the declared infidel enemy, and the furthering of their theocratic-ideological belief system.

In my visits on college campuses, I’ve run into those who want to dismiss Islamic jihadism and terrorism. They’d prefer to blame those of us sounding the clarion call for not just America, but for Western Civilization. They’ve allied themselves with this Islamo-fascist enemy, regardless of the overwhelming proof and evidence, and castigate others as the problem, using such empty and denigrating language such as “Islamophobia.”

The question as we go forward is do we have the will and determination to make the stand and stop with the excuses and obfuscation when it comes to the current conflagration against Islamism?

Have we turned the corner and cast aside the insidious nature of progressive socialists and their failures to finally combat that which is truly irrational? We should not try to rationalize it in order to give ourselves comfort.

When the enemy tells you who they are and what they seek to do, we, the target, have no responsibility to rationalize or reason with the enemy. We must now accept the truth, and the vision and objective of the enemy. We must accept their demonic and demented vision, and put an end to it.

It’s time for the world to unite, as we’ve seen a coalition of firefighters assemble in Israel to fight this blaze. However, there is a greater fire burning and spreading across the globe. It is islamic jihadism and fundamentalism.

Just as back in 2010 when nearly 60,000 had to flee Haifa, hundreds of thousands have had to flee this blaze. Hundreds of thousands have….


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