Allen West: Folks, this is the REAL issue in America

Allen West hits the nail on the head yet again by discussing with us a real problem he sees here in American and it’s not the politicians… 

As written by Allen B. West:

This past week started for me in Washington DC — talk about a “land of confusion.” It’s very popular to rant against elected officials — actually they make it easy. We know the approval ratings for Congress are really low, somewhere down there with whale poop at the bottom of the ocean.

But the question we must all face is, are those politicians the real issue, or is it us, the electorate — and some progressive socialists believe that includes illegal immigrants. Of course writing this will cause the liberal progressive left, and RoKRs (Road Kill Republicans), to say this is mean, mean-spirited, hateful, and other empty emotional soundbites that refuse to address the points made.

The real issue in America is not the politicians; it’s a growing lack of personal responsibility and accountability. The politicians are just a byproduct of this phenomenon — actually they are the beneficiaries.

Perhaps we don’t care, but there’s an alarming fact about our federal budget. The side of our budget which is called “mandatory spending,” consisting of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and net interest on the debt, comprises nearly 66 percent of our federal budget. As you may, or may not know, Social Security and SSDI (Social Security disability insurance) are well on their way to bankruptcy. Ya know those were points I made as a Member of Congress, but there are those who reject hearing truth. If we continue down this path where we refuse to accept any viable policy solutions to reform and make these programs align with original intent and solvency, we will live in a country of perpetual deficit spending and debt. Imagine an America that will have to borrow money in order to fund the basic functions of the federal government, like defense and infrastructure improvement.

I find it unconscionable that some actually believe an expansion of Medicaid is an appropriate solution for better healthcare and health insurance in America. Medicaid was created for those in our nation at or below the poverty level, yet this has been expanded above and beyond. So we’re proposing putting more people into a government healthcare program intended for those in poverty is a solution?

Sadly, we have Americans who agree, and therefore the politicians advance an absurd proposal. As part of healthcare reform we have politicians who want money, $45 million, for opioid abuse, a serious issue in America. But what I find so strange is that we have a push for legalized drugs, but then we want increased federal spending for drug addiction programs. Let me admit, I’ve never smoked, drank, or used drugs in my life. I believe that my body and my health is my personal responsibility. That’s why five to six times a week I am out running and doing my calisthenics, along with swimming to stay in the best shape possible. Yep, in March of last year I had to have a pacemaker implanted due to “sick sinus syndrome” — which my doctor is stilled perplexed as to how it happened. But I have a personal responsibility for my health…and so do others.

I see the obesity problem in America, and trust me, no one likes a Five Guys burger more than I do. But all things must be done in moderation, so why aren’t we incentivizing healthy living in America? Case in point, when we started the Food Stamp program, the purpose was for those in the lower income bracket to be able to purchase quality, healthy foods and produce, American made. Now we have what’s called the EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards, which can be used at every gas station convenience store everywhere.

You want to know what is a major health problem in the urban centers? Obesity, and when I am up running in the morning, I don’t see very many folks or even kids out walking. It’s time for Americans to take control of their healthcare solutions, starting with themselves, in their homes, and stop looking for what politicians will give us.

And let us not forget that it has been politicians — liberal progressives – who’ve decimated the nuclear two parent, man and woman, family structure in America…especially in the inner city. The insidious policy of President Lyndon Johnson to give a government check to a woman who has a child out of wedlock, as long as she has no man in the home, has been detrimental, almost genocidal.

And it was a true classical liberal, Senator Daniel Patrick Monyihan of New York who recognized this, and wrote about it in a book, “The Negro Family.” He was pilloried by the liberal progressive left. Why? Because Monyihan predicted exactly what has happened, as you destroyed the family, namely in the black community, the social ills have increased. Thanks to President Johnson and the political left, they essentially told black men they didn’t have to be personally responsible or accountable, for the most basic task: raising your own children.

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