Allen West: Folks, you’re missing the point about the NSA Leaker

The case of Reality Winner and her disregard for national security should be a source of outrage for all Americans. That seems to be lost to the progressive socialists Democrats who welcome her destruction of national security to further the left’s anti-American agenda. Former Congressman asks a key question in this article: “… can leftist progressive socialists ever be entrusted with top secret clearances and access to classified information?” Read his conclusions here.

As Written By Allen B. West:

If there’s one thing very predictable about the progressive socialist left it’s their hypocrisy…along with their incessant need for a victim around which to rally. Without victims, those who embrace the liberal progressive agenda, the left truly has no base, no raison d’être. And now that they successfully got Bradley Manning released, they have a brand new poster child. Meet, Reality Leigh Winner — first of all, what a name — and if you peruse the far left websites and media outlets, she’s now their Joan of Arc…this time a real one, not a make-believe woman like Bradley Manning.

As reported by Fox News, “The alleged leaker accused of feeding a classified report to an online news site has a colorful history on social media that lays bare her political leanings as an environmentalist who wanted to “resist” President Trump.

Reality Winner, a 25-year-old Air Force veteran, is a contractor with Pluribus International Corporation assigned to a federal facility in Georgia, where she allegedly leaked a classified intelligence report containing “Top Secret Level” information. The report, according to the Department of Justice, contained classified defense information from an intelligence community agency. While the DOJ did not say which site published the information, the charges were announced just as The Intercept published details of a National Security Agency report on Russian hacking efforts during the 2016 presidential election. According to the Justice Department, Winner admitted to printing a classified intelligence document despite not having a “need to know,” and with knowledge the report was classified. Winner further admitted removing the report from her office space and mailing it to the news outlet, according to the criminal complaint.”

The left is proclaiming Winner a winner, because she was a whiner against Donald Trump who sacrificed herself in order to prove there’s collusion between Trump and Russia. But, if you take the time to peel away from CNN or MSNBC, Winner decided to share a highly classified report that just showed a Russian attempt to hack into the software of a voting machine company. This is hardly any definitive proof or smoking gun that Donald Trump is a Russian secret agent. As Vladimir Putin would say, “y’all have such boring lives.”

Furthermore, there’s no proof the election results were in any way shape or form affected by a hacking into this company’s software. As a matter of fact, there’s more proof of voter fraud here in Texas with the case of hundreds of illegals voting — but you ain’t gonna read about that in the Washington Post or see it on Rachel Maddow.

However, here is the irony and hypocrisy of the liberal progressive left who went apoplectic over Donald Trump, the president, sharing classified intelligence with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Now, of course this same left said nothing when Barack Obama was sharing intelligence on ISIS with Russia, who had promised to take action. Nor did the left say a word about trusting the Russians with the disposal of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, which we found out to be a big fat lie. But hey, John Kerry said it, so it just had to be true, right? So, the left goes nuts about Trump, the president who can declassify intelligence, but they’re elevating Winner as some heroine for divulging classified information to a media outlet. And yes, why not get upset about the New York Times sharing leaked classified information from the UK regarding the Manchester Islamic terrorist attack?

The issue is that when it serves the purpose of the left, the rules do not apply, just like Lucy always moving the football when Charlie Brown goes to kick it.

The bottom line is simple: regardless of your political activism or beliefs, nothing warrants breaking the rule of law and providing classified information to a media source. However, if the nature of the act is aligned with the left and their cause, their progressive socialist agenda, it’s not just allowed, but highly acceptable and admired. Reality Leigh Winner is a traitor, just like ol’ Bradley Manning. They took an oath, and they also signed statements understanding and agreeing to properly handle classified information. They chose to put the national security of the United States and individuals at risk, and for what? They have some delusional sense of what’s right based on their own ideological beliefs.

No, it’s not a crime to have certain political affinities, but it’s wrong, a crime, to participate in subversive activity purposefully violating the standards of care and handling of classified information. If the left wishes to pursue this avenue and take up the cause of Winner, as they did Manning, then a simple question may need to be asked: can leftist progressive socialists ever be entrusted with top secret clearances and access to classified information? And that’s not a stretch of an assertion since the left seems to believe in the cases of Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and now Reality Leigh Winner, that the ideological agenda justifies the means…oops, i mean “their” ideological agenda. The left appears to hold no regard for classified information and feels it doesn’t need to be safeguarded. Boy howdy, I just have to wonder if it was a conservative that had an unauthorized personal email server transmitting classified information would that individual have been able to run for president?

Top Secret means just that, and just like Confidential, Secret, Secret-NOFORN, TS/SCI, these documents all have prescribed procedures for handling, which………


Folks, you’re missing the point about this “leaker” Reality Winner – Allen B. West –

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