Allen West: Folks, you’re missing what Hillary’s nomination REALLY means

It is so unfathomable when you really ponder this — then again, it seems there’s a contingent in America who doesn’t care about character.

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As Written By Allen B. West:

Late last night I got home from the Military Order of the World Wars, Dallas Chapter, induction ceremony. Last year I was honored with their Silver Patrick Henry Medallion. Tonight I was honored to become a Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) member in perpetuity – a fancy way of saying forever. This is an organization with a distinguished history tracing its legacy back to the Revolutionary War period and its origin with The Society of the Cincinnati, established by George Washington and Henry Knox. MOWW is an organization that honors the patriotic service of Americans and those connected in a hereditary status. Its motto is “It is nobler to serve, than to be served.”

The Dallas Chapter of MOWW is one of the most decorated and awarded chapters in America. Its reputation is renewed and its membership is full — some 350 members in perpetuity. The greatest memory of the night was being in the presence of a World War II veteran still donning his Army mess dress uniform, and guess what, he’s an artilleryman! It was a great night.

MOWW members refer to each other as “companions” and you know what’s really cool? “The Companions were the elite cavalry of the Macedonian army from the time of King Philip II of Macedon and achieved their greatest prestige under Alexander the Great, and have been regarded as the best cavalry in the ancient world and the first shock cavalry.”

MOWW is a gathering of elite past warriors who’ve earned the highest of prestige and fosters the development of the next generation of leadership through support relationships with JROTC, Boy Scouts, and an annual summer youth camp. So, I departed the evening with my chest full of pride in being amongst my companions, my brothers and sisters who answered the call and ran to the sound of the guns.

I got into my truck and immediately, as the Sirius/XM radio came on, got deflated — just for a moment. I was tuned to Fox Business News and it was Hillary Clinton giving a speech. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I’d just come from being in a room full of honor, integrity and character. I’d just left a gathering of men who were still wearing their respective service dress uniforms with their awards and decorations proudly displayed on their chests.

And then I was met by the voice of someone representing the polar opposite of whom I’d just spent the past three hours with. I was met by the voice of someone so lacking in character — yet, this person has become the presumptive presidential nominee of a political party in America. I just had to ask myself as I drove home, have we so descended into the abyss in our Republic that such a stark contrast is not evident to us all?

No, this is not a historical moment — and remember everyone cried and was so emotional back in 2008 for that historical moment too. Look how that one turned out! Maybe we need to stop searching for faux historical moments and search out those who embody the MOWW preamble:

• To cherish the memories and associations of the World Wars waged for humanity;
• To inculcate and stimulate love of our country and flag;
• To promote and further patriotic education in our nation;
• Ever to maintain law and order, and to defend the honor, integrity, and supremacy of our national government and the Constitution of the United States;
• To foster fraternal relations among all branches of the armed forces;
• To promote the cultivation of military, naval, and air science and the adoption of a consistent and suitable policy of national security for the United States of America;
• To acquire and preserve records of individual services;
• To encourage and assist in the holding of commemorations and the establishment of memorials of the World Wars; and
• To transmit all these ideals to posterity; under God and for our country, we unite to establish…

That voice I heard on the radio was that of someone who, when the call came, abandoned Americans to die, and in the most despicable and disgusting show of disrespect, lied to the families and the nation.

How can it be that such a person has become a presidential nominee? Who are these people that will look you in the eye and clearly say, “At this point, what difference does it make?” Well, it makes a whole lot of difference for any mother, father, wife, husband, and child who’s supposed to trust Hillary Clinton, as a commander in chief, to safeguard and protect their loved ones deployed into a combat zone.

It is so unfathomable when you really ponder this — then again, it seems there’s a contingent in America who doesn’t care about character.

Monday evening, the Associated Press released a story saying that Hillary Clinton had clinched the new American Socialist Party nomination by way of super delegates. This was certainly a very calculated move in order to undermine the voter turnout for Bernie Sanders on Tuesday. As well, it was a clever attempt to have the news cycle for Hillary Clinton dominated by her being the presumptive nominee, breaking the “glass ceiling.” However, this could all but solidify what Sanders has been saying about the Democrat process all along – it’s rigged by the liberal progressive left’s version of one-percent gatekeepers. The cries are already going out of voter suppression – I just gotta laugh ya know, because the left believes in winning at any cost. So, if the leftist elites will do this to …….

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Folks, you’re missing what Hillary’s nomination REALLY means – Allen B. West –

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