Allen West “Following Justice Scalia’s death, this is THE single most important issue at stake”

If you want to know what I felt about last night’s GOP presidential debate, I felt it was the worst debate yet. It was an immature and petulant display of ugliness and talking points.

Justice Scalia

As Written By Allen B. West:

I must admit, Ohio Gov. John Kasich came off as the only adult on that stage. I was truly turned off by the unaccomplished first-term senator, whose little you-don’t-speak-Spanish moment did not impress. Donald Trump didn’t impress me at all, especially after his declaration of running a positive campaign. And I would advise Mr. Trump to stop referring to those of us who served in Iraq, lost friends and loved ones, as part of a mistake. That doesn’t bode well for a fella who had several deferments from serving in Vietnam. Dr. Ben Carson was there, but was rendered irrelevant. Governor Bush, well, he needs a Hail Mary performance in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is another reminder of just how much is at stake currently for our republic. Justice Scalia’s strong constitutional voice will be missed on our Supreme Court. We need to remember that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOUTS) is not about making law — judicial activism — it is about interpreting the law of the land and applying it to cases. The law of this land is our Constitution, and we can’t afford to have judges who make decisions based on societal and political whims and ideologies. I’m still awaiting someone to bring forth a case making the 14th Amendment equal protection clause applicable to the Second Amendment. After all, it seems in the case of same-sex marriage, the SCOTUS decided it could create a new “right” and use the 14th Amendment to force states into compliance.

This is what happens when man replaces the Creator as the grantor of unalienable rights, when man steps in and believes he can guarantee happiness and not allow us to pursue our own individual happiness. I have shared with y’all that civil unions would have solved the entire issue. We don’t need courts deciding and instituting laws in America. And that, Ladies and Gents, is what’s now at stake, the fundamental philosophy of what is the mission of our courts.

Now, here are some key points to consider about how and when Justice Scalia’s successor is likely to be selected — and how the process is likely to influence this year’s critical presidential election.

First of all, the last time the SCOTUS operated with eight justices was before the 20th century, so I don’t see that happening. What could happen is President Obama seeks to use a recess appointment to fill the SCOTUS vacancy. However, based on his last venture with recess appointments, he may not want to take that course of action.


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