Allen West “Forget Super Tuesday’s results for a minute; this all comes down to ONE word”

After reading this, it sure is going to be an interesting two weeks.

Elections 2016

As Written By Allen B. West:

It is without a doubt the number one news story for this day: the results of last night’s Super Tuesday primary. Again, I feel no need to address the results of the Democrat primary because neither of the candidates evidence qualifications to lead America. One is an avowed socialist, the other is a manipulative liar who abandoned Americans to die. ‘Nuff said.

Now, we all know who won last night but this all comes down to one word: ego.

There are five individuals remaining on the GOP side and somewhere in back rooms there are calculations going on. The race has come down to three candidates on the GOP side, in alphabetical order: Cruz, Rubio, and Trump.

There are two individuals who are in the death throes of existence for their respective campaigns, but you can’t tell them that. But let’s be honest, Ohio Governor John Kasich is holding on for his home state believing he’ll find victory there and indeed across the Midwest. You know there are some back door types calling Kasich everything but a child of God for not dropping out of this race. The belief is that Kasich’s support would go over to Senator Marco Rubio and make him the viable candidate against Trump.

Here is the time sensitive issue. The Florida primary is in two weeks. If Marco Rubio can’t win in his home state of Florida, his endeavor is dead. Interestingly enough, Donald Trump has many properties in Florida and Ben Carson resides in West Palm Beach, Florida. There are some super PAC chuckleheads who’ve stupidly allowed it to be known they’re putting up $25 million to destroy Donald Trump in Florida in support of Marco Rubio.

This reminds me of the Mitt Romney assault on former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich after the latter won a huge primary victory in South Carolina. Romney ended up winning in Florida, but went on to be destroyed in the general election. Man, we do not need a repeat of that electoral Waterloo!

So here’s the scenario: what if Marco Rubio, who did finally win a caucus in Minnesota – a state that gave us Governor Jesse Ventura and Senator Al Franken – doesn’t win in Florida? What justification will he have to continue on? And remember the Ohio primary is the same day as Florida, on March 15th. So I can’t see Kasich bowing out before his day in the spotlight in his home state. So what happens in two weeks if Donald Trump wins in Ohio and Florida? It’s what some would call, ……….



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