Allen West Foundation: Conservatives face a great catastrophe if we don’t solve this problem now

I fear for our country when I think about how few conservative leaders we have. The freedom and opportunity we’ve fought and died for is slipping away!

The suffocating liberal policies coming down from this administration are starting to stick. In a rapidly changing America, conservatives MUST prepare and equip conservative minorities and veterans to fill the void and lead this country into a new era of liberty and prosperity.

For the first time, I’m inviting you to become an official member of the Allen West Foundation today.

Visit join today and get your membership card.

You will join the ranks of the ONLY forward-thinking national organization that prepares conservative veterans and minorities to become courageous leaders in public office . . .

Memberships are just $35 and come with a membership card and an official Allen West Foundation military challenge coin.

The facts speak for themselves – strong conservative leadership is on the decline. Did you know that the current Congress has the fewest veterans since World War II?

  • The number of veterans in public office has been declining for 40 years
  • Only 20% of this Congress has served in the military, compared to 80% in 1977
  • 80% of non-white voters are liberal

Conservatives face a great catastrophe if we don’t solve this problem now.

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, we’ve already made a big difference. Take a look at a sampling of what we’ve accomplished in less than a year:

  • Provided emergency funds to five JROTC programs across the country who were at-risk of disbanding.
  • Held seminars and training events in eight states.
  • Confronted a liberal NYC Councilman to stop attacking the JROTC.
  • Filmed and produced a video that American Majority uses before training thousands of conservative activists each year.
  • Helped the Young Marines in Bossier Parrish, Louisiana, from shutting down because the government did not approve of the members using ‘God’ in their oath.
  • Established the First Annual AWF JROTC Physical (PT) Challenge
  • Founded the Veterans Mentor Program to help veterans transition from their military careers into a career in public service.
  • Provided support to the Fisher House to fund the funerals of soldiers killed in action after the government refused to do so.

Remember, you make all of this and more possible by becoming a valued member of the Allen West Foundation!

We face our biggest battles yet in November and in 2016. The time to act is NOW. The future of our country depends on our success and your membership.

Visit now to join!

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West

Lt. Col. USA (Ret)


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