Allen West “Friends, brace yourselves for the typical liberal progressive onslaught”

Written by Allen West

My friends, brace yourselves for the typical liberal progressive onslaught in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections. Will the GOP midterm strategy effectively combat the lies?

According to an Associated Press report, The White House political office, shuttered by Obama three years ago, is back and in full swing. The six-person team set up shop last month, ahead of midterm elections in November in which Democratic losses could render Obama’s final years in office an exercise in futility. Working out of the same building that houses Vice President Joe Biden’s staff, the office provides real-time, constant communication between the White House and the myriad political groups working to elect Democrats this year.

Sounds to me like we’re going to see a full throttle push between the White House and on-the-ground leftist groups such as Organizing for America, as well as Planned Parenthood, SEIU, the AFL-CIO, and the NEA/AFT teachers unions.

Interestingly, AP reports that while Obama is still his party’s top fundraiser, polling suggests that he might be more of a liability than an asset in areas where Democrats face tough races. Some have even said they’d prefer Obama stay away. Can’t you just hear the introduction at the events: “Ladies and gentlemen, the Liar of the Year, oops, I mean the President of the United States.”



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