Allen West: FUBAR! Look who the U.S. military wants to let in NOW 

And to think SecDef Carter wants to just open up the uniform military like any ol’ job it absurd. Does this mean there will be contract negotiations such as time off and physical standards?

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As Written By Allen B. West:

You know, it never ceases to amaze me how the progressive socialist left is taking full advantage of decimating our military. No, I don’t agree with women in ground combat duty positions — and I don’t think the new Miss USA is ready to go hand-to-hand with an Army Green Beret. No, I don’t agree with women signing up for the draft – as a matter of fact, I think the volunteer military works well. We just need to support the men and women in uniform and stop with the social egalitarian experimentation.

And on that subject, the latest crap to emerge from the lips of Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is beyond “stuck on stupid.” It truly represents a “special kind of stupid.”

As reported by the Military Times, “Defense Secretary Ash Carter wants to open the door for more “lateral entry” into the military’s upper ranks, clearing the way for lifelong civilians with vital skills and strong résumés to enter the officer corps as high as the O-6 pay grade.

The idea is controversial, to say the very least. For many in the rank-and-file military, it seems absurd, a bewildering cultural change that threatens to upend many assumptions about military life and traditional career paths.

But while it’s not universally embraced, there is interest in Congress and among some of the military’s uniformed leaders — even, they say, in exploring how the services could apply this concept to the enlisted force. This is a key piece of Carter’s “Force of the Future” personnel reform.

Unveiled June 9, it aims to help the military bring in more top talent, especially for high-tech career fields focused on cyber warfare and space. Advocates say it will help the military fill important manpower shortfalls with highly skilled professionals and, more broadly, create greater “permeability” between the active-duty military and the civilian sector.

At the same time, it suggests eroding the military’s tradition of growing its own leaders and cultivating a force with a distinct culture and tight social fabric, which many believe to be the heart of military effectiveness. Critics worry it will create a new subcaste of military service members who are fundamentally disconnected from the traditional career force. “They will enter a culture they don’t know, understand or potentially appreciate,” said Dakota Wood, a retired Marine officer and military expert at the Heritage Foundation. “The Marines around them will likely be challenged to appreciate them as they would a fellow Marine.”

If approved by Congress, the individual military services would be authorized — but not required — to expand lateral entry up to the rank of colonel, or in the case of the Navy a captain. It’s part of a broader reform effort that may also include new rules for bringing enlisted troops in at the noncommissioned officer ranks, which does not require approval from Congress.”

First of all, we need to reduce the size and scope of top-heavy military headquarters rather than grow them bigger. And to think SecDef Carter wants to just open up the uniform military like any ol’ job it absurd. Does this mean there will be contract negotiations such as time off and physical standards?

I mean this is so wrong on multiple levels it is unconscionable to believe. One of the problems in the U.S. military civilian service is union bureaucracy means employees may fail to meet standards but there is no recourse against them. Therefore, in order to boost effectiveness and efficiency, contractors are hired with defined scopes of work and measures of effectiveness and metrics to compensate for the lackluster government employees. This causes massive cost …..

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FUBAR: Look who the U.S. military wants to let in NOW – Allen B. West –

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