Allen West gives a PERSONAL assessment of the Russian “hack” fiasco

Please, spare me this crap about how you care about innocent women and children. Y’all only care about yourselves

As Written By Allen B. West:

What’s happening at this moment can only be characterized as the theater of the absurd.

We now have Nancy Pelosi’s daughter — and the apple don’t fall far from the tree — who is a Democrat elector from California, demanding the electors receive an intelligence briefing on Russian influence and hacking in the November 8th election.

First of all, who among these electors have the proper security clearance to receive an intelligence briefing? And what does an intel briefing have to do with their duty? Just vote as a designated elector based on the person who won your state.

This whole Twilight Zone episode about the notoriously stealthy Boris and Natasha infiltration just reminds me of a very bad episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Now, all of a sudden, the liberal progressive left, who pilloried the intelligence community during the Bush presidency about Iraq, wants an intelligence briefing?

These are the same progressive socialists who want an intelligence brief from the folks Obama just claimed allowed ISIS to slip under the radar screen? Hmm, I seem to remember Obama telling Donald J. Trump to stop whining…yeah, once again the hypocrisy is astonishingly laughable.

All of this is happening when our intelligence resources should be focused on what Putin and Russia are REALLY doing.

As reported by USA Today, “Desperate Syrians trapped in besieged eastern Aleppo see death on their doorstep and describe what may be their final moments in social media posts and telephone calls.

“At home waiting for the inevitable fate that Allah wills,” Salah Ashkar, 28, said in a telephone call, his voice quaking as Syrian government forces moved in to reclaim the last portions of Aleppo held by rebel forces.

“I can’t see what is happening in street, but I hear bombs approaching,” Ashkar, a graduate of the University of Aleppo in finance and banking, told USA TODAY. “There is no safe building left. Possible that we (will be) exposed to bombing any moment.”

Ashkar, who has been posting videos of the carnage, said Syrian troops were executing civilians on the streets, including women and children. Similar allegations have been reported by other residents to the United Nations and activists in Aleppo.

Syrian rebels reached a cease-fire deal Tuesday to evacuate from eastern Aleppo in an effective surrender, as Russia declared all military action had stopped, the Associated Press reported. Retaking Aleppo, once Syria’s largest city and commercial capital, would be a major win for President Bashar Assad in his 5-year-old civil war, which has turned in his favor since Russia’s military came to his support this year.

“Where are our supporters?” asked Radhwan Salem, 60. “Believers in humanity, I don’t understand how can the entire world watch this and do nothing. Oh, God, help us.”

“We are not afraid of death, and we have no demands,” said Salem. “We only want freedom for us, and to rob it from Assad. I have lived my life in this city, I raised my children and their children here. I am ready to give my life defending my family.” Abdulla Saleem, 39, a doctor who is living in the bombed out remains of a building, said via WhatsApp, “They are killing everyone. … My friends are doctors, who were providing the only possible medical care to the injured. Now they are butchered. Everyone is dying. I will soon die, too.”

“My friends will defend Aleppo to the death,” said Mohsin Salem, 33. “To the world outside of Aleppo, to the United States, I don’t want to say anything more than stand by Aleppo. And if we all die, remember us.”

“And if we die, remember us”…sorry Mr. Salem, Obama and his flying monkeys are focused on Russian “hacking” into our election. They have no time to be concerned about the Russian support to the physical hacking and butchering of women and children occurring in Aleppo…you know, all of this was under the Obama intelligence radar screen, since they’re focused on Russian electoral influence.

Yes, this is the culmination of the Nobel Peace Participation Trophy awarded seven years ago to an empty rhetorician who snowed the world. This is the result of the cowardly fella who boasted about a “red line” in Syria, that when crossed tried to equivocate about what the claim really meant…stating it wasn’t his red line but everyone else’s. This is the horrific consequence from the weakling that ranted about how Bashar Assad must go. This is the true evidence of the flexibility of Barack Obama, which he wanted Putin to know he’d have after his reelection.

However, this goes back even further with the most insidious and stupid strategic decision ever made in U.S. history: to withdraw all U.S. troops out of Iraq. Obama created a huge vacuum, which has been filled by an Islamic jihadist group, along with Russia, Iran, and groups like the Quds Force and Hezbollah.

It is Obama, the intransigent belligerent ideologue who has enabled Iran to deploy its forces into Syria to conduct the butchering of civilians in order to prop up its proxy, Assad. And through all of this, Obama and the Democrats are focused on the hallucination of Russian involvement in our election?

Let me give y’all a little history lesson and take you back to a place called Vietnam where victory had been achieved. However, when after the Nixon resignation, and the Democrats gained control of the government, they undermined the victory in South Vietnam and refuted the agreed upon support. The Democrats then created a vacuum and the result was the “Killing Fields” of one Pol Pot. Consider the modern day killing fields Barack Obama and the Democrats have enabled to happen in the Middle East.

You can bet if it were a Republican sitting in the White House and all this were happening in his waning days, the liberal media would be hammering him… oh yes, they did with George W. Bush. And it was President Bush who predicted these killing fields with a precipitous exit from Iraq.

So, where are the emotionally driven liberal progressives, and their care and concern about the humanity being savagely butchered in Syria? You see, it’s THEIR guy sitting in the White House, so they’ll say nothing.

But, you can bet that within minutes after the swearing in of President Donald Trump, Syria will all of a sudden become Trump’s fault. That’s just how these hypocrites of the left roll. For them, who cares about the women and children being buried alive in Aleppo? Hillary Clinton lost and their focus is on undermining our election. This is no different from an ..

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Here’s my PERSONAL assessment of the Russian “hack” fiasco… – Allen B. West –

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