Allen West: I’m horrified by what I’ve returned to… 

In the aftermath of the Otto Warmbier death, Allen west elegantly gives his own thoughts and feelings of what’s happened, and what may be to come.

Otto Warmbier was a young 22-year-old who was held as a “political prisoner” in North Korea for 18 months. For most of that time, young Warmbier was in a coma and only recently released from captivity and returned home. And just days after, he passed away.

As Written By Allen B. West:

I had to cut my trip to Cayman Brac with the Dive Pirates short due to a commitment to speak in Emmet County Michigan and I’m heading that way on Wednesday. On the way back, going through the customs checkpoint in Dallas/Ft. Worth airport, I met one of our stellar US Customs and Border Patrol Agents, Lieutenant Colonel Sandoval. We had never met, but being Army guys, we immediately connected as part of the band of brothers. I just wanted to say thanks to LTC Sandoval, the shift commander, and to all of our Customs and Border Patrol agents, who go above and beyond the call of duty. I learned so much about the hidden things our US CBP agents do to safeguard our border, and the deployments they do elsewhere. Ya know, how funny it is that we have a “special prosecutor/counselor” for this made-up charade in Washington DC…but there was never one for US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry who lost his life due to the Obama/Holder Operation Fast and Furious scheme.

So I’ve left a little piece of paradise called Cayman Brac and am now back to this insidious game. As I sat there in the Grand Cayman airport for a very long layover, I had much time to peruse my news feeds and get back to speed. I will admit, I did not turn on the TV one time while on “Da Brac.” I read about the crazed comments from MSNBC host Joy Reid regarding my former House colleague, Steve Scalise, insinuating that he deserved to be shot because of his voting record. I doubt anyone at that network will be dismissing Reid — after all, the shooter, Mr. Hodgkinson, was an avid MSNBC fan. It appears that attempted assassination of Republicans is justifiable if you don’t agree with their principles and voting record.

First, my sincere condolences to the family of young Otto Warmbier who succumbed to the injuries he received at the hands of the North Korean government. In simple words, a young American, Otto Warmbier, was the victim of state-sponsored murder.

As reported by Fox News, “President Trump slammed North Korea’s “brutal regime” Monday after the death of college student Otto Warmbier, who was released by the communist nation in a coma last week. “Lot of bad things happened,” Trump said during a White House meeting with technology CEOs, “but at least we got him home to be with his parents.”

“It’s a brutal regime,” Trump went on, “and we’ll be able to handle it.” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the United States held North Korea accountable for Warmbier’s “unjust imprisonment” and demanded that the country release three other Americans it is holding prisoner for alleged crimes against the state. The U.S. government has previously accused North Korea of using such detainees as political pawns.

Warmbier was held by North Korea for more than 17 months before he was medically evacuated June 13. He died Monday at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, near where he grew up in suburban Wyoming. Warmbier’s family said in a statement that “the awful torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans” meant that “no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today.” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who has led the charge for tougher sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear missile program, said “Countless innocent men and women have died at the hand of the North Korean criminals, but the singular case of Otto Warmbier touches the American heart like no other.”

What is going on? We have commentators in America justifying the assassination of their political opposition. And we have Americans being unlawfully detained and murdered by a brutal Stalinist regime. Ya know, I actually thought about how peaceful and tranquil it was on Cayman Brac, and how one could just live there hidden from the worries of the world. But something tells me that the somehow even this madness would eventually find its way to that quaint small island of less than 2,000 inhabitants. And then there’s the threat from Iran and Russia to shoot down American planes due to an engagement between a US fighter aircraft and a Syrian jet — and we know who won that contest.

Where do we go from here?

First, believing in traditional marriage, not supporting a failing government healthcare system, and supporting our Second Amendment right should never earn a death warrant.

Anyone, such as Joy Reid, who proposes such heinous thought is of the mindset that dissension, disagreement, and non-conformity are actions punishable by physical endangerment. What this says is that there is a contingent among us in America who, even in the face of their ideological agenda failure, refuse to entertain any other ideas of concepts. If we now have people in America who embrace a belief that the rights stated in our Constitution have no bearing if they’re not consistent with a certain political perspective, we are in danger. When there are those who believe a populace must be disarmed, as I have always stated, we move from being citizens to subjects, and eventually subjugated by those who cannot convince us otherwise to support their fundamental transformation.

There must be consequences for a nation that believes it can murder American citizens. The time for “strategic patience” has ended; that’s just real fancy talk for cowardice, and that’s what it’s recognized to be by despots, dictators and theocrats.

Young Otto Warmbier didn’t have to lose his life, but when we as a nation are disregarded and disrespected, this is the result…the sad consequences. It’s no different with the obfuscation we’ve seen with militant Islamic jihadism. And the unfortunate end to government dismissal of protecting innocent lives is that sometimes there will be an individual who will take matters into his own hands — such as what happened in London outside the mosque.

But imagine the mindset of knowing there exists an evil, an enemy, who is calling for vehicles to be used to kill those deemed the enemy — even little girls coming from a pop concert. And you know you have a government that would rather appease and compromise than make a stand.

When you have a government that seeks every single excuse available to preclude taking an action, including demonizing its own citizens for speaking out, sadly, there will be people like Peter Finch in “Network” who will shout to themselves, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

Our previous presidential administration found the weather 100 years from now to be more of a threat than the clear and present danger of Islamic jihadism. And now our military, that had once vanquished al-Qaeda in Iraq, has had to return to the battlefield to take on a metastasized version of that cancer, the Islamic State. And in doing so we must fight to eradicate a sanctuary it established right before our eyes, and we did nothing.

America must send a precise message to anyone: we will not allow Islamic jihadist groups sanctuary anywhere. If they do not respect borders and boundaries, neither shall we. This doesn’t constitute an invasion, but it means that no longer will we allow this scourge to have an inch of terrain from which they can recruit, train, and conduct attacks. Perhaps former Defense and State Departments spokesperson RADM John Kirby doesn’t believe you can kill your…….


Three days away, and I’m horrified by what I’ve returned to… – Allen B. West –

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