Allen West: Hacked Democrat memo exposes DEPLORABLE truth about Benghazi

Now, you can bet the leftists detractors, who have also been given the talking points, will make their vile comments on this post. Their words will not respond to the poignant inquiries offered here; they will do as the left always does, attack the messenger as a means of deflection

As Written By Allen B. West:

Yesterday we shared with you Secretary of State John Kerry’s wish to have the media just not tell us about Islamic terrorism. He suggested we — “we” meaning the Obama administration, of course — would be better served if the media simply wouldn’t report on it. His words further evidence that the progressive socialists seek to not just spread disinformation, but also actively suppress information. And an uninformed people are nothing more than drones, mere servants to the government.

But, what if the liberal progressive left wanted to discredit the story, and investigative process, of the tragic deaths of Americans by Islamic terrorists?

As reported by The Daily Caller, New documents released from Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s computer by purported hacker Guccifer 2.0, reveal democratic talking points to counter Republican Benghazi attacks. 

The document casts the controversy surrounding Benghazi as “Legitimate outrage over the deaths of American diplomats mixed with partisanship.” The document also admits that then Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice “gave incorrect information on television” in the immediate aftermath of the attack. 

The first talking point focuses solely on the importance of having diplomats in dangerous places, and makes no mention of the specific circumstances of Benghazi. 

The second talking point paints any attempt at calling for accountability as “pandering to conspiracy theorists.”The third talking point denigrates the Republican led congress for investigating the specific circumstances involving the events of Benghazi. The talking point also calls for respecting the families of the fallen in Benghazi, in lieu of actually discussing what happened. 

The final talking point revolves around attacking investigators of the events of Benghazi. The talking point asks recipients to focus on the voting records of rival congressman, rather than discuss the events of Benghazi.

If there’s one thing I praise Democrats on Capitol Hill for, it’s their ability to all parrot the same talking points. They actually remind me of the Star Trek villains, the Borg — a collective devoid of individual thought. It was all about taking the one, the individual, and making them assimilate. I truly believe somewhere at the base of the necks of House and Senate Democrats there’s a place to insert a chip that programs the leftist legislators to speak the same points, all the time, any place.

When you read those four talking points, you can see they followed the plan to a tee. It was never about seeking the truth behind why, for 13 hours, Americans were abandoned and actually left to fend for themselves — die. For the Democrats — the House Democrat leader, no less — to issue talking rhetoric referring to seeking accountability for the tragedy in Benghazi, Libya as “pandering to conspiracy theorists” is deplorable, disgusting. There is no “conspiracy theory” behind asking a simple question about Benghazi, why were there no American assets deployed to assist those under siege? After all, unless you’re a mindless lemming and have no clue about the incident, there was an unarmed drone above doing live feed of the episode.

These newly-revealed hacked documents let us know that then UN Ambassador Susan Rice gave incorrect information on those Sunday talk shows. The question is, why? First of all, why was it the UN Ambassador and not the US Secretary of State addressing what happened at a State Department diplomatic facility? And who decided to create the false narrative? Well, we actually know who did that — the creative writer who holds the position of Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes. None of that line of inquiry is “conspiracy theory”; it is fact. And no talking point trying to articulate the importance of having diplomats in dangerous places can dismiss the criticality of what happened.

Deceased Ambassador Christopher Stevens is on record requesting additional security forces for his assignment in Libya — what happened? We are told that President Obama directed all available resources to be deployed; it did not happen. Why? Who countered the direction of the Commander in Chief? That is not a “conspiracy theory”; it is a legitimate line of questioning. Then again, Obama took off on a plane for a fundraiser in Las Vegas, and you know he had to get his beauty rest beforehand. And Hillary Clinton asserted, well, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

Here’s the difference it makes. The American people, those who are not imbibing the progressive socialist Kool-Aid, now know the leftists care little about Americans dying. These talking points confirm the fact it was NEVER about finding the truth. It was all about covering their big fat liberal progressive butts.

As long as the liberal progressives are the ones in power, the only thing that matters is maintaining power. And that means the lives of Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty mean nothing to The Borg; after all, those four were dispensable when it came to the objective of the Collective — assimilation. And shame on a corrupt media machine that took the same talking points and aided and abetted these liars who actually are accomplices to murder.

And who has been brought to any justice over this matter? Heck, what has happened to the one individual the Obama administration “arrested” in Libya?

Now, you can bet the leftists detractors, who have also been given the talking points, will make their vile comments on this post. Their words will not …..

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Hacked Democrat memo exposes DEPLORABLE truth about Benghazi – Allen B. West –

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