Colonel Allen West: Hamas Didn’t Get The Memo

Just what is the memo that Hamas did not get? Did they not get the memo about when the Passover was observed or when Easter was celebrated? That may not be the memo that Allen West is talking about in this article. You see, the Hamas terrorist has decided to launch a new offensive in the Gaza strip. This may not go as well as when the Obama administration was leading from behind. Read what The Colonel has to say.

As Written by Colonel Allen B. West for CNS News:

I pray everyone had a blessed and enjoyable Easter and Passover. In this world of incessant madness, it is a soothing comfort to know that there is a loving God whose grace enables us to have peace and eternal life. Sadly, as we entered this very special and Holy period in the Judeo-Christian faith a certain group sought to undermine this time.

I am speaking of the actions of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, who control the Gaza strip. Hamas began last Friday with what they call a six-week campaign for the “right of return.” The one thing Hamas has grossly miscalculated is that Barack Obama and his Islamist sympathizing policies and actions no longer rule the day in America. Hamas is one of the most violent established Islamic jihadist groups in the world. Their charter has called for the destruction of Israel, and they are a listed terrorist group. Hamas is funded by Iran, who can provide them more largesse since Obama so kindly blessed the Iranians with billions of dollars in cash and the lifting of economic sanctions. The leadership of Hamas is in the country of Qatar, which is known to support Islamic jihadist groups financially.

Hamas has been rather quiet, but for whatever reason, a dog whistle went out, probably from Iran. And they have stepped up their belligerence, once again. Without a doubt, Hamas, by way of Iran, may feel emboldened because Iran has well established themselves in Syria along with their other terrorist proxy militant force, Hezbollah.

However, with all of this, the landscape has changed for the better for Israel. No longer does PM Benyamin Netanyahu have to be concerned with support or backing from the United States. And even as the United Nations went into an emergency meeting, PM Netanyahu is not concerned with a Samantha Power as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations backstabbing Israel. Current U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, has already evidenced her resolve and focused determination to stand up to the dictators, despots, autocrats, and theocrats that dominate the United Nations…..


Allen West: Hamas Apparently Didn’t Get the Memo



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