Allen West “Happy Valentine’s Day to all of America’s Sweethearts”



Written by Allen West

Happy Valentines Day to all of America’s sweethearts, especially mine: Angela, Aubrey, Austen, and Wangying Lin. I also want to send a heavenly Valentine’s Day wish to my mom, Elizabeth Thomas West. She’s there with her special lifelong Valentine my dad, Herman Sr.

Today guys try to get themselves out of the “doghouse” and retailers and marketers capitalize. I do have to ask a question though, what do men get on Valentine’s Day? I know, if you act right and bought the right gift, you get peace of mind.

But you might be surprised to know the true story of Valentine’s Day. Father Frank O’Gara of Whitefriars Street Church in Dublin, Ireland, explained the following to

Valentine was a Roman Priest at a time when Emperor Claudius was actively persecuting the church. Claudius also had an edict that prohibited the marriage of young people based on the idea that unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers, because married soldiers might be afraid of what might happen to them or their wives or families if they died.

Valentine lived in a very permissive society in which polygamy was quite popular, yet the Christian faith was attracting more and more followers. Valentine encouraged them to marry within the Christian church – which he had to do secretly because of the edict.





December 14 is the day when a certain person in my life was born. I was not there at that special moment when God gave life to Angela Michele Graham but I am glad that day happened.

In 1989 I was given the first chance to celebrate the birthday of my wife Angela. She has stood by me through many a difficult time and separations. She has gone from being the daughter of a career Army Soldier to raising the daughters of a career Army Soldier.

When we met she was completing her MBA — now she has that degree, a Ph.D, and a successful career as a financial adviser. At a time when some think there’s a war on women, Angela is a breast cancer survivor who has excelled at everything she has ever endeavored to achieve — and not by living the “Life of Julia.” Her commitment to excellence is beyond reproach and she demands the best of all of us.


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