Allen West has a new title for Obama and You’re Going to LOVE IT!

Former President Barack Obama has a new title and it fits. This title has been bestowed upon him by former Congressman Allen West, and Mr. West does an excellent job of explaining the title. Have you read the book or seen the movie Lord of the Flies? Allen does a great job of explaining the book/movie and how he extracted Mr. Obama’s new title from it. I am sure will agree with his reasoning. Enjoy the read.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Yesterday we were inundated with the three-fold news of an Islamic terrorist attack in London, North Korea firing another missile over Japan, and the cost of $600,000 to provide security for a speech at University of California, Berkeley. Of course, we can ponder these three incidents in and of themselves for analysis and assessment, but it hit me: they are all linked.

I recalled the book, by William Golding, and movie “Lord of the Flies” — perhaps some of you remember. It’s the story of young British schoolboys who tragically, during an unnamed global conflict, crash on an uninhabited island. The ensuing story is one of human interactions and the attempts of governance, but what struck me mostly about the book and movie was the struggle between individuality and the collective. It was about the creation of a certain paranoia, “The Beast” in order to control the group, a straw man upon which blame could be thrust and fear instilled. And of course, the closing scene from the movie is memorable. An adult, a British naval officer stands and encounters the boys, who revert to their childlike manner, and cry.

There has been a certain reference used lately to describe the delusional immaturity we’re witnessing on our college and university campuses — “snowflakes.” It is as if these somewhat regarded as cultured and intellectual kids have been stranded on an island and without noticeable adult supervision, regress to a sort of depraved and primitive state of unintellectual existence.

And so I want to explain how I see these past incidents as being linked by addressing the “Lord of the Snowflakes.” And you ask who could that be? Simple, for eight years, it was Barack Obama.

When one considers Obama’s depraved regard for our rule of law, and his utter disdain for our Constitutional Republic, you can come to see how over those years he became that lord. He created a straw man enemy of so many sorts, the rich come to mind. But mainly, Obama’s “Beast” that he used to create his paranoia was his political opposition. Now, you’re asking, how is all of this related?

In the age of Obama, the Lord of the Snowflakes, we refused to confront the real enemies, instead focusing on the created paranoia. Obama decided there was no enemy to ensure stayed defeated in the Middle East. As a matter of fact, if you go back and watch his 2009 speech at the University of Cairo, where he invited the Muslim Brotherhood to sit front and center, he melted.

Obama set the stage there by trying to embrace that which is antithetical to who we are in Western civilization. Actually, in his apology tour across Europe he clearly displayed his angst for Western civilization, especially our American way of life. Obama showed that he was the Lord of the Snowflakes, willing to cower, acquiesce, surrender, as long as he attained one thing: power over the masses. And so here we are today dealing with, confronting and combatting that which had been defeated, but which he allowed to reconstitute. And if you’re not part of the collective mentality of the Snowflakes, and decide to speak out against Islamo-fascism, or Islamic supremacists, you’re hunted down, such as in the movie, to be killed.

You see, the mentality of the Snowflakes is that they do not contend with the real enemy facing us. The can only concern themselves with the paranoia driven “Beast” they create…ever notice how the Lord of the Snowflakes, Barack Obama, back in 2012 chastised Mitt Romney for saying Russia was our greatest geopolitical foe? And now, all of a sudden, the Snowflakes have decided that Russia is “The Beast”, a self-created political paranoia serving only the purpose of advocating their ideological agenda, and destroying their political opposition.

And so the folks in London suffer yet another — the fifth this year — Islamic terrorist attack, all because the Lord of the Snowflakes cared little about battling Islamic jihadism. What’s even worse is that this atmosphere of Snowflakes reaches across the sea where this enemy is allowed to thrive, preach, proselytize, and terrorize…all on the government dole. Sharia courts are thriving in England, and dare you speak out against such, you are branded an Islamophobe. The Snowflakes in the UK have created another “Beast” — President Donald Trump — and consider the absurdity of them wanting to ban the American president, but not Islamic jihadists, from their shores. This also is indicative of the childlike immaturity of the Snowflakes.

As well, the Lord of the Snowflakes said we’d have a policy of “strategic patience” — again giving witness that he didn’t want to halt the advance of Kim Jong Un. Now, he was just another in a line of American presidents who didn’t stand up to North Korea. However, something is different about this time. The previous North Korean leaders didn’t make it an issue to shoot missiles over Japan, or display utterly sociopathic behavior. It wasn’t just the obfuscation, dismissal, and denial over the past eight years by Obama, it was his acquiescence and COLLUSION with Iran that has allowed Kim Jong Un to expeditiously advance his missile and nuclear weapons technology and delivery means. And we also can give a hat tip to China, who’s been supplying the missile erector platforms…Xi Jinping had no respect for our Lord of the Snowflakes.

I remember when Vice President Joe Biden said that the young president, Barack Obama would be tested, and he was. But there can be no debate that when it comes to foreign policy and national security, Obama failed miserably. The events of this year attest to that fact. Heck, even after departing the office, Obama’s former National Snowflake Adviser, Susan Rice, has written an op-ed piece in the New York Times saying we need to just accept a nuclear North Korea…spoken like a true Snowflake. However, as recently revealed, she had no issue “unmasking” the paranoia-created “Beast” when she covertly used our intelligence assets to spy on the incoming president. And in true Snowflake style, Rice lied again, a common characteristic, as she previously stated that she never did what she just admitted to doing this week.

Another talent the Lord of the Snowflakes displayed and proliferated was that of hypocrisy…and lying, remember, Benghazi was all about a video. And if you think differently, well, you are an Islamophobe.

You see, the Lord of the Snowflakes came up with another “Beast” – a created paranoia established to control the masses, the collective: climate change, global warming, you know the weather. Doggone, if you don’t submit to that dogma you’re a Neanderthal, a member of the “flat earth” society. You know, those vicious hurricanes and storms of the past weeks are definitive proof of climate change, as if there havw never been worse hurricanes. Remember the ending to Lord of the Flies? The protagonist, Ralph, is chased down by the mob, after his friend is killed, and others are …..


I have a new title for Obama; I think you’ll like it… – Allen B. West –

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