Allen West has a theory about James Comey

So, here we are, early voting has concluded — unless there will be voter fraud issues. And as we sit awaiting the final day, Election Day 2016, the stakes are high.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Well, here we are just hours away from the end of the 2016 presidential election cycle. Over the weekend there were many revelations that were quite interesting, and for which I’d like to provide an assessment.

But first of all, what a true pleasure to have been invited to deliver the Sunday message at both morning services at the First Baptist Church of Colleyville. Thanks so much, and blessings to Pastor Craig Etheridge and the congregation for allowing me to share my thoughts and perspectives on the “Christian Duty and Responsibility in the American Republic.”

Meanwhile, back in the “real” world…

First, why would Hillary Clinton think Americans REALLY care about what Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Pharrell, Jay-Z and Beyoncé have to say about the election? Yes, I know it’s all about the millennial and minority vote.

But you see, the liberal progressive socialists are so arrogant and elitist they think some overpaid entertainers are enough to tell young people and minorities in American what to do.

Angela and I have two millennial minority voter daughters and they’re not looking to entertainers in order to form their political opinions. They ask serious questions, watch debates, and focus on the issues affecting their lives. It’s very apparent that someone like Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, look down their noses at our millennial voters and just demand they adhere to their demagoguery and fall in line. Any challenge to their dogma is repudiated as, well, being out of touch…just ask the young conservatives on college campuses what their peers say of them. It’s not about engaging in open and stimulating debate. Nope, it’s just about castigating them and labeling them “not cool.”

However, how cool is it that certain elites think you so ignorant that they deploy ignorant entertainers to tell you what to do? How about stopping and asking Miley Cyrus what she thinks about the growing debt of the United States? Or maybe Katy Perry could articulate why Hillary Clinton’s tax plan won’t stimulate economic growth, especially her “exit tax” aimed at businesses seeking to escape her increased corporate business tax rate — already the highest in the world? Maybe Ms. Perry can articulate why we have an artificial economy based on the insidious monetary policy of the Federal Reserve known as “quantitative easing” — quite sure she understands fiscal policy. Maybe Pharrell can make us all happy by presenting a viable alternative to the debacle known as Obamacare and explain why we shouldn’t move towards a more free market solution for our healthcare centered around expanded use of HSAs, tax credits for the working poor, and opening up full competition for healthcare insurance purchase across state lines.

I’d love to have Pharrell defend the individual and employer mandates of Obamacare…or perhaps he can explain why college student loans were nationalized under the unAffordable Care Act – I wonder if Pharrell’s health insurance premiums rose?

And for Jay-Z and Beyoncé, maybe they can explain the successes of Hillary Clinton’s “reset button” with Russia, or the purpose behind the destabilization of Libya. I’m quite sure Beyoncé has a “firm grasp” on national security policy and strategy, and is capable of presenting a force composition for the 21st century battlefield.

I just gotta tell ya, I find it offensive that Hillary Clinton throws out these glamour people — and what does Adele know about our issues and policies? I wonder how Adele voted regarding Brexit.

Now, perhaps some of these young people will go out and vote just because they got a “selfie.” Or maybe they’re hoping for that crude reward Madonna offered — how lewd, and you didn’t hear much media rhetoric about that…nor about Jay-Z’s lyrics or the gyrations of Beyoncé. But apparently they know exactly what America needs in order to provide economic growth and security.

Second, why would the president of the United States, Barack Obama, not simply respond, “illegal aliens cannot vote in our elections, period?” Doggone, talk about fueling the fire of what Donald Trump has been claiming is a rigged system? Why would Obama, when asked about illegal aliens voting in our election and whether or not someone would be tracked, simply respond, “young lady, illegals are not allowed to vote in America?”

So now, 48 hours out from the election, the president of these United States comes off — and Neil Cavuto agrees — as looking to be supportive of illegals participating in our electoral process. And furthermore comforting the violators by claiming — assuring them — no one would check and verify this, and pursue them for prosecution. What kind of banana republic are we now living in? I’m quite sure the progressive socialist trolls who surf this site will try to state that Obama was “nuanced” in his response to the inquiry, but there are sure are a lot of folks who aren’t taking his statement that way — he appeared to give a green light to illegals to vote, and not face any consequences.

We all know which way California will vote, hence why I will not be living there, and they’ve already issued illegal aliens drivers licenses — a picture ID.

Now, there are those who may think this is just fine, but you can bet, it has maddened many Americans and just makes a greater case for voting against Hillary “open borders” Clinton. And don’t forget that ol’ Pigpen wants even more Syrian refugees on American soil. Just makes you wonder, where do these people come from?

Lastly, I’m starting to believe FBI Director James Comey suffers from some sort of paranoia or psychotic condition causing him to display erratic and irrational behavior. So once again, Hillary Clinton will not be indicted? How about we just allow the process that every other American must be subject to proceed.

It appears Comey is truly more concerned about the Obama and Clinton machines than the rank and file of the FBI agents who are doing the yeoman’s work investigating this episode. Regardless of what Comey says or does, Hillary Clinton is wounded, severely, in the eyes of the American people.

She’s seen as the embodiment of corruption, cronyism and elitism. Comey’s recent declaration doesn’t just confuse the American people, it angers them. They’ll continue to see him as one who has a real problem with acting within the scope of his duties of Director of the FBI. Just investigate, and report the facts! He should not be providing his prosecutorial assessment.

And sadly what James Comey has done is give Americans cause to believe the Department of Justice is just another politicized government agency — IRS, DoD, EPA, FCC, State Department. Comey has given validation to Americans’ sense that there are two different standards for justice in America…one for those such as Hillary Clinton and her circle, and one for everyone else. There’s a deep collusion between government, media, and other shadow entities that don’t have to abide by the rule of law…and they know it.

So, here we are, early voting has concluded — unless there will be voter fraud issues. And as we sit awaiting the final day, Election Day 2016, the stakes are high.

If America decides to elect a Hillary Clinton, we get all that we deserve, as this nation will have institutionalized pure criminality and criminal behavior. We will have demonstrated to the world that we have our …

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