Allen West: Here are the Steps President Trump must take IMMEDIATELY

What President Trump and the GOP must do starting tomorrow is this.

As Written By Allen B. West:

The day has indeed arrived, the final day Barack Obama is President of these United States of America, and his designated successor is not Hillary Clinton.

It was this day back in 2009 that the “fundamental transformation” of America began, cloaked under the successful, but nebulous, theme of “hope and change.” In the end, it was about policies that economically crushed our nation and made us weaker on the global stage. There is one thing that needs to be made absolutely clear: only Donald Trump could have taken on Clinton and the progressive socialist machine and defeated it. Trump went into the maelstrom of the media, entertainment, cultural, academic, and political elites, and relentlessly fought back.

I don’t know if Trump ever read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, but he clearly recognized the opposition. He wasn’t — and somewhat continues to not be — the smooth, politically correct, polished politician. That’s what enabled him to do what many thought was impossible. Just as Ronald Reagan told Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall,” Donald Trump tore down the perceived impenetrable “blue wall” of the Democratic Party.

President Trump did what Paratroopers are trained to do: jump in behind enemy lines and cause confusion and disruption. But now comes the real hard part: how do you govern this nation and lead on the global stage?

First of all, those 68-70 House Democrats not attending the inauguration made a tactical and strategic mistake. The tactical mistake comes on this day where they are evidencing they aren’t willing to participate in the peaceful transition of political power in this, our Constitutional Republic. This is a day where we don’t celebrate individuals or political party, rather, we honor our system of governance and representative democracy. What these Democrat legislators — who feel they are untouchable because of the composition of their congressional districts — are doing this day says to the American people, your vote, your voice means nothing to us. The only voices that we honor are those who align with our ideological agenda, regardless if it’s in keeping with the principles and values of our Constitution. These individuals are exhibiting the most “deplorable” and petulant of behavior, and setting a horrific example for our children…In other words, throw a tantrum if you don’t get what you want.

Interestingly enough, you don’t see many Senate Democrats joining ranks with their House colleagues to “sit this out.” There’s a simple reason, a strategic one, as to why. In Trump’s first midterm election, there will be a great number of Senate Democrat seats up for re-election, and they are in States that Trump won. Remember it takes 60 votes in the US Senate to pass legislation, though we appreciate ol’ Harry Reid shifting certain items to a simple majority of 51…and the GOP has 52 Senate seats.

If Donald Trump is successful in doing two things, economic growth and better security, and they are felt by the American people by spring of 2018, the Democrats will suffer a huge loss. If you witnessed the confirmation hearing rant of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, where he asserted that America isn’t a compassionate nation when it comes to our poor in comparison to the rest of the world… c’mon, man. When was the last time you saw Americans leaving to go to another country? There aren’t too many Americans on makeshift rafts to Cuba. Heck, even all those entertainers who said they would leave if Trump won the election, well, they are still here. Those type of delusional statements by the progressive socialist leftists on Capitol Hill will ensure their continued demise.

As Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, of New York and California respectively, seek to be clear obstructionists based upon a repudiated ideological agenda, they will be seen as impediments to the American people having even greater economic success, and “winning.” It will be very easy for a President Trump to paint them as the party of corruption, cronyism, and elitism that no longer respects the “forgotten man and woman.”

If the Democratic Party continues down the path of identity politics, media bias, and vitriolic, denigrating personal attacks…If the Democratic Party continues its far left trend, and in doing so elevates a Keith Ellison or Tom Perez as their DNC Chairman, simple, “turn out the lights” on the party of the jackass.

However, it’s not just the progressive socialist left that need be concerned, it’s also the Republican Party. It is time for the GOP to put on their big boy pants and recognize they no longer have any excuse. They can’t become intimidated by the insidious antics of the left such as “Make America Sick Again.” The American people have shown that they are very accustomed to the lack of a message and empty emotional rhetoric of the left…They want action, not cowardice.

Donald Trump’s victory emboldened the Republican Party to make a stand and learn that Americans want them to fight back, not roll over. The past eight years have been an utter failure…now go on offense and make the Democrats own what they’ve done and try to defend it. They can’t, and that’s the reason they rant, shout, scream, and basically throw temper tantrums in order to get their way. The time to cower and acquiesce has to end. The GOP must stop falling for the trap of the word “compromise,” because, as I recall one Barack Obama stating, “I won, get over it,” and alluding to the Republicans on Capitol Hill as moving to the back of the bus. Where was the liberal progressive media and the word compromise then?

The word compromise simply means that when the Democrats are in the minority, they still want the GOP to do what they want. When the Democrats are in the majority, you will NEVER hear the word compromise or bipartisanship. The GOP and President Trump have an opportunity, not yet a mandate, but they MUST win the debate of principle — it is not that difficult.

Congratulations to President Donald J. Trump, but know that you are not going to get any “honeymoon” period. The objective of the left is to undermine and delegitimize your administration at every turn. When you know your adversary’s objective, the skillful strategist avoids their ambush and stays on offense.

What President Trump and the GOP must do starting tomorrow is to begin to wear the left down: confound and confuse them, and seek out their gaps to exploit them. The campaign is over, and the challenge of constitutionally governing this great country lies ahead. It is about conveying a vision and winning the battle of ideas. I hope that Barack Obama will continue to be visible. There is no greater reminder of what we rejected than the person himself. The great thing for moving this nation forward is that the progressive socialist left didn’t get the memo. If the Democratic Party stays way over to the left, their descent into the abyss will continue.

I learned something in my military career when on a joint assignment with the Marines: it takes almost five miles to turn an aircraft carrier. Americans realize that the restoration of our Republic will not …..


Steps President Trump must take IMMEDIATELY… – Allen B. West –



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