Allen West: Here are the TWO questions I’m waiting for Trump to ask Hillary

I know, don’t hold my breath but maybe one Donald Trump will read this missive and ask that same questions.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Needless to say, NBC’s Lester Holt didn’t want to get what his NBC colleague got, what we shall refer to as getting “Lauer’d.” During the Commander in Chief candidate forum, Lauer made the mistake of challenging Hillary Clinton, much to the chagrin of the progressive socialist left and their media accomplices. Lauer was pilloried because he dared ask tough question of Mrs. Clinton. And so Monday evening, Holt made amends; he had six further interrogations of Donald Trump, but none for Clinton. One would’ve thought Lester Holt might have inquired of the former Secretary of State, simply, “is the world a safer or more violent and chaotic place after your time as SecState, Mrs. Clinton?”Nah, that just seemed to slip his mind, maybe Holt was just too consumed with getting to the bottom of the Obama birth certificate conspiracy.

How could it be that Holt just didn’t find it in himself to press Mrs. Clinton specifically on the issues of Iraq, ISIS, Libya, Benghazi, Russian reset button and Syria — just to mention a few. Maybe Holt, by way of his masters at NBC, got the memo — I would say email, but then again we know that is a touchy topic, and one about which Holt really didn’t seem to interrogate Hillary. Perhaps Holt realized Clinton, as with her progressive socialist allies of the Obama administration, no longer care.

As reported by The Daily BeastThe Obama administration, desperate to save a shattered Syrian ceasefire, seems to have ignored concrete intelligence of an atrocity to come. 

Two days prior to devastating aerial attacks, Michael Ratney, the U.S. special envoy to Syria, was told the Assad regime was planning to hit the Aleppo facilities of the Syrian Civil Defense, a volunteer rescue group. Raed al-Saleh, the head of the organization, which is widely known as the White Helmets, was in Manhattan last week, where he told not only Ratney, but envoys from the Netherlands, Britain, and Canada. He said intercepted communications from military officers in the Assad regime signaled imminent plans to bomb several rescue centers, according to two sources who were in the room when al-Saleh was transmitting this intelligence. 

“We just received a message from the spotters, just an hour ago, they detected messages from the regime radio that they will attack [Syrian Civil Defense] centers in northern Aleppo,” one of those sources jotted down during the meeting, quoting al-Saleh. “First with surface to surface to missiles and, if they miss, they will use spies on the ground to adjust coordinates and come back.” 

Within 48 hours, that forecast proved all too true, as three out of four of the White Helmet’s installations—one of them a makeshift firehouse, two others ambulance depots—were pulverized in Syria’s most populous city in acts that Western officials have called the deliberate and systematic targeting of civilians and humanitarian workers. 

Ratney did not respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment about whether or not he was forewarned of this atrocity or if he or the U.S. government took any measures to try and prevent it from happening. 

One of those at the meeting described the discussion as “very fu**ing bizarre. … They were all basically saying ‘yes, this is awful, but we’re not going to do anything about it.’”

Now, the policies of Barack Obama, as implemented by his first SecState Hillary Clinton, are to blame for the chaos and violence in the Middle East. It’s clearly obvious that Bashar Assad is not going anywhere. It’s even more evident that red lines, chartreuse lines and any other kind of lines that were crossed had no ramifications or consequences. The so-called “ceasefire” touted by current SecState John Kerry did not survive two weeks, a reflection of the level of disrespect Russia has for the Obama administration. It’s a disrespect that began with the silly little yellow box with the red button for “reset.”

Yet, for some odd reason, none of this was important to Lester Holt. And Monday evening, Hillary Clinton said she is prepared to be president, well, the folks in Syria ain’t prepared for her to be!

This episode tells us the Obama administration, meaning Obama himself, doesn’t care about what’s happening in Syria. Matter of fact, both he and Gary Johnson possibly could not locate Aleppo on a map. And this is more evidence of a lack of trust that anyone has in Obama, and by default, the United States.

So we continue to hear about this venerable armada of some sixty countries allied to defeat ISIS, and such…blah, blah, blah. The real travesty is that Putin, Iran and Assad know they have free reign, and if the American people are willing to be further duped and elect Hillary Clinton — it will enable them to further their objectives. Of course, Barack Obama will respond to my accusations of not caring by saying he’s opening up the United States for these people to come — just grand! Obama watched a window of opportunity pass in Syria, just as in Iran, and did nothing. Obama, and Hillary Clinton, embraced a Middle Eastern foreign policy that created a void, and it’s been filled rather completely with the likes of Russia, Iran, ISIS and Hezbollah. I can’t recall Obama, nor Hillary Clinton, ever traveling and meeting with Kurdish leadership in Irbil, which could have gone a long ways toward filling the void that Obama and Clinton allowed to develop.

It’s amazing to me how we hear so much about the progressive socialists of the Democrat party caring about people. The Democrats have a history of abandoning people to the tyranny and destruction of dictators and genocidal mad men. If you are a student of history, you easily recall the abandoning of the Vietnamese people and the folks in Cambodia, giving rise to the maniac Pol Pot and his killing fields. However, no one ever referred to the Democrats as “baby killers”…history is repeating itself and children are being killed, thanks to the ….

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Here are the TWO questions I’m waiting for Trump to ask Hillary… – Allen B. West –

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