Allen West: Here is What the President Should Have Done With This NFL Issue

Former Congressman Allen B. West has some thoughts about our President and the NFL and National Anthem issue. If it were up to Mr. West, the whole situation involving major league sports stars would have been handled quite differently. Coming from a long line of military men, Allen could be expected to be quite critical of these protests. You will be surprised at how he would like to see situations like these handled.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Perhaps y’all remember that song by Britney Spears called, “Oops I did it again.” It has relevance as I address this current issue.

Now, one has to be cognizant that anytime you write about President Trump and his tweets you may end up being on the receiving end of personal assaults. I have no problem with that because I think of myself as a guardian of the Republic, not of a particular person. With that being said, Ms. Spears’ song has meaning when we assess President Trump’s most recent folly.

And yes, I called it folly. I’ve said it once before and will say it again: Mr. President, stop punching down. For some odd reason it may make you feel big and tough, but in the end you lower yourself to an unnecessary level. And yes, I am talking about President Trump’s most recent Twitter foray into the business of the NFL and the NBA. This past weekend I was in South Florida and addressed the Broward County Republican Executive Committee. Sun-Sentinel political reporter Anthony Man asked me a simple question, “Was President Trump right or wrong in his confronting the NFL and the national anthem issue?” My response was simple: it’s not my place to say whether the president was right or wrong, but his action is not something that I would have taken, if I were president.

We are all aware of what’s transpiring in the NFL with the players kneeling or sitting during the playing of our national anthem. And as I expressed to Mr. Man, I am third of four generations of men who have served this nation in uniform — so it is appalling and disrespectful to me. Actually, the NBA has a rule stating that their players will stand for the national anthem. But there is one very important imperative in cases such as this: maintain the moral high ground.

This past week President Trump gave an impeccable speech at the U.N. General Assembly. We have very serious issues with North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China with which President Trump has dealt. We have experienced several massive hurricanes and storms recently, and President Trump has done well to not suffer the legacy fate of President Bush from Hurricane Katrina. So, with all of this, why step on your own message? Why punch down? Why has President Trump once again stepped on his own success, message and accomplishments? We need him to focus on his agenda, but if he wishes to interject, do so in a different manner.

As president of these United States, President Trump should have addressed the players who are respecting our flag and anthem. He could have taken the time to send our special accolades to someone such as Houston Texans player JJ Watt. President Trump could have spoken about that special feeling of being on a playing field seeing our flag and hearing our national anthem being sung by thousands of Americans in unison — and how very inspirational that can be and should be. President Trump could have taken the moment to talk about all that is great about America and why so many have fought to come to our shores, and so many have died to preserve the freedoms and liberties of being able to watch a football game, and to play football — even little kids. Instead President Trump took a lower road and surrendered his moral high ground and in turn made this about him, not our country. So now, we have more players and owners doing this protest not about our country, but about a person.

I am ashamed that we had football players, Americans, on the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars team who knelt for our national anthem, and stood for the British national anthem. I am disturbed to know there are teams who will just stay in the locker room during the playing of our anthem. This is an issue that the American people and football fans need resolved. Americans want to check out of politics sometimes and just enjoy a good sporting event. Sadly, there appears to be no “safe space” away from the progressive socialist agenda.

Here we are on a football Sunday and all that’s dominating the conversation is President Trump and the NFL. Sir, let us be the ones, the American people, to express our outrage. We need our healthcare and tax reform; that is the important fight. Whether or not Steph Curry wants to come to the White House is not worthy of your time or your response. It is an honor, a privilege, to attend a ceremony in the White House. If someone decides they wish not to, that’s their loss. You sir, must stop trying to take everything personally, but rather focus your energies.

Now, this is surely to upset some folks, and they may chastise me that President Trump can walk and chew gum. Yes, but why do so in a non-productive manner? ……


Here’s what I wish the president had said about this NFL business – Allen B. West –

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