Allen West: Here’s my assessment of the healthcare debacle in Washington D.C.

What happens when an elected official doesn’t possess a clear position and stance on the issues that matter not only to them but to those who have elected them into office? You get a failed repeal for Obamacare…

As written by Allen B. West:

Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals #4:“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” – There are two key forms of this: concern-trolling and malicious compliance. Doing so will stress them out by increasing their cognitive dissonance load, bleed them of resources, and generally waste their time and energy. You can also bait your opponents into producing specific outcomes if they are inflexible and dogmatic enough.

I was in Washington D.C. Monday and Tuesday morning and the big news was the collapse of the GOP Senate healthcare reform efforts. I know folks like to use references such as RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) for “moderate” Republicans. I have a different moniker, as they tend to try to find middle of the road positions — “RKR” (Road Kill Republicans) — you know, the only thing you ever find in the middle of the road is “road kill.”

And this is what happens when you fail to possess a clear principled position and stance. I also tend to believe that the Republicans, who made repeal Obamacare for some seven years a rallying cry, did not truly have their hearts in doing so. Now, the message has changed. It’s a risky calculation coming from the gang who just appears incapable of shooting straight, and messaging strongly. The GOP is now turning to the message of “you own it.” The question is, can that work?

I think we all need to come to the realization that socialized healthcare does not work. And if you believe socialism is a viable governing philosophy, well, check out Venezuela. Look at England where a little boy, Charlie Gard, is having his life decided by a court system, the government, and not by his parents and medical professionals.

The real issue here is what do we want as an American people? We hear all the liberal progressive pundits stating that Obamacare is very popular, then ok. It’s like having a kid that you tell, do not touch the hot stove, but the kid just doesn’t believe you and touches the hot stove. You care about them hurting themselves but there are times when the kid has to learn a very important lesson — the stove is hot and will burn you.

So, here in America, do we want a governing philosophy centered around policies that promote “equality of opportunity?” Or have we devolved to a degraded state of acquiescence and dependence where we surrender to a policy of “equality of outcomes” — and that means, equality of our healthcare.

Simply stated, “a free people are not equal, and an equal people are not free.” It’s not the responsibility of government to attempt to “equalize” us all; in doing so we lose our individual identity, our liberty, the essence of freedom. We’re not keeping our doctors. We’re not keeping our healthcare plan. We’re not seeing healthcare that is affordable, unless you count the folks getting something “free” from government. We are witnessing a loss of access to healthcare. The horrific reality is that the GOP wasn’t capable of being all on the same sheet of music to articulate the problem, and present the resolution. They have issues, about which I wrote in a piece about what does it mean to be a Republican.

Nancy Pelosi said it best, unfortunately: “we have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it.”

So, where do we go from here? First, understand that Obamacare was programmed to collapse, but the desire was to have it collapse under a Democrat president, House and Senate, who would then move us towards their desired goal, a single payer system. Yes, the leftist statists, progressive socialists, want as Bernie Sanders says, Medicaid for all. Now, folks, that just plain sucks. Hey Bernie, you go first.

Second, if there wasn’t a Democrat-controlled Washington D.C., the liberal progressives of the Democrat Party were banking on the GOP to try and tackle their socialized healthcare failure, and therefore take ownership. That was their political objective, believing the GOP would try to take something away from folks, and there would be widespread angst — which we’ve seen. So, now, what will the faux leftist protesters say since the GOP has indeed taken their hands off Obamacare — after all, it’s so very popular?

This is why I provided you Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals #4. Alinksy believed it would be advantageous to force your political opposition into an untenable position due to their principles. In other words, force the GOP into a position of fixing something radicals created then placing the blame upon them. What the Democrats never believed would happen, just happened. The GOP said, forget it, you own it. So now, the mad scramble is on in the messaging, the propaganda war. It’s now about who can dominate the information cycle, and who will present the truth…well, we know that won’t be the left and their liberal progressive media accomplices.


Here’s my assessment of the healthcare debacle in Washington D.C.

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