Allen West: Here’s MY problem with President Trump’s executive order 

Former Congressman Allen West noted some things that were missed in President Trump’s Executive Order temporarily halting travel from 7 nations that are centers of terrorism. Mr. West believes it could be handled better and thinks that Mr. Trump learns from his mistakes. He also speaks to the Democrat Party descending into the abyss in anger and denial.

As Written By Allen B. West:

I want to share some observations with you and see if you’re witnessing the same. I remember back in 2012 after the presidential election, the GOP conducted the infamous “autopsy” report, the official name was the “Growth and Opportunity Project.”

It was an in-depth self assessment of the GOP after two consecutive presidential election losses. Of course the liberal progressive media panned the report and the progressive left took much joy in ridiculing the effort. What then Chairman Reince Priebus did was what any good leader does after an unsuccessful or successful endeavor, you conduct an after-action review to determine what went right, but mainly to understand what went wrong. It all came down to messaging and a stronger ground game, grassroots operation, and the improved use of technology.

In the aftermath of the November 2016 election, the progressive socialist left, the Democrat Party, has not taken a moment in time to assess themselves. They’ve continued down the same road of yelling, screaming, coercion, intimidation and protest.

What I find quite interesting is that in the post Trump victory period, we heard little to nothing about the future of the Democrat Party. This of course comes after many in the leftist media had all but proclaimed the Republican Party dead, gone, kaput, but they didn’t report what was really happening.

The Party that was dying, losing, was the Democrat Party. Sure, the Democrats riding on the charisma of one Barack Obama won national elections in presidential cycles of 2008 and 2012. However, in the off cycle elections of 2010 and 2014, the Democrats were being hammered.

The 2010 midterm election saw the largest ever loss of House seats in U.S. history — Obama’s first midterm. And in 2014, Obama lost the Senate, something the liberal media and pollsters said wasn’t going to happen. As well, all across America, the Democrats were losing gubernatorial races and state legislatures.

But, the response from the left was just to demean, denigrate and disparage even more and regurgitate a talking point message that was ineffective — except with themselves.

Then it all came to a head last November when that which was not supposed to happen, did — the supposed impervious “blue wall” collapsed. There was astonishment, despair, amazement, and now abject anger. But, if the left had been honest with itself, they would have seen this coming…they have become an elitist, socialist party of urban centers.

At no point in time has the Democrat Party EVER stopped to take an assessment of themselves. It has been a constant lie that they created and accepted…and the American people have slowly rejected, and completely repudiated last November.

In what has seemed like months, ages — it hasn’t even been two weeks of the Trump administration and the left is in complete meltdown.

What President Trump needs to have learned from the mishandling of the immigration/travel executive order is that it comes back to messaging. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and taking the time to get a major initiative right is vital to success — lest he learn the lesson of Barack Obama and Obamacare.

If President Trump had defined the executive order, clarified its intent and then set a 72-hour period before implementation, he would have been better served. As well, the executive order should have been specific relating to recent issues with our visa system, and terrorist use of travel.

If President Trump had related the Tashfeen Malik issue with fiancee visas, if he’d taken the time to articulate the issue with student visas, and how the 9-11 conspirators used them, if President Trump had reminded us of ISIS’ intent to infiltrate refugee movements and demonstrated the failure of open border ideology — such as in Germany, and if he had given witness to the issue of Americans traveling to and from terrorist haven regions, then he would have had the high ground and precluded us from being subjected to Senator Chuck Schumer’s fake tears.

Why do I mention this? It’s simple — all the left knows to do is rant, protest, complain…they’re going to do it, but the goal must be to make it extremely difficult. Of course the Trump administration has come back strong, but they were placed on defense; you do not want to be on defense with the left.

The rollout of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, was done much better, starting with the list of 21 potential nominees last year, whittled down to the final three. And now we know that ten years ago, there wasn’t a single Democrat who voted against Judge Gorsuch. But, what’s the left doing anyway? Yep, protesting.

In the military we have a form of maneuver called the “turning movement.” What that tactic involves is not attacking the enemy at their strong point, but to bypass them and seize an objective, high ground, and in effect, turn your enemy out of their position, forcing them to move to you.

The Democrat Party right now has no direction; they are in essence chasing President Trump. And in doing so, they’re not developing a policy position but just reacting and telling the country what they don’t like. This is not an effective way to recover from what has been happening to the Democrat Party since 2008.

They continue to believe that constant protesting is the way forward, all the while they have no policy message for this nation. And if anyone hasn’t noticed, the Democrat National Committee is searching for a new chairman, something the liberal progressive media isn’t covering very much. They’re doing their doggone best to keep silent how far left their Party is trending…even though that was what America has been rejecting.

All that talk about the demise of the GOP — and we’re watching the complete implosion of the Democrat Party. Of course, the liberal media is doing everything possible to deflect and demonize President Trump, but how does one explain Senate Democrats boycotting a confirmation vote? Can you imagine if the GOP had done the same back in 2008 for newly crowned President Obama?

Regardless, if there’s one lesson to be learned for team Trump from the past 96 hours, it’s don’t give the left an easy gift. They’re going to take to the streets and protest anyway, just don’t make it easy for them.

Define your policy initiatives and ensure you have everyone on a common denominator of messaging. The Democrats right now are directionless, but the one thing they can unify on is thwarting the ability of President Trump to have a ….

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Here’s MY problem with President Trump’s executive order – Allen B. West –

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