ALLEN WEST: Here’s what Donald Trump MUST do to make America RESPECTED again

You know, I do actually feel sorry for these jackasses who got use to dealing with the wimpy wussy liberal progressives — gonna suck for y’all

As Written By Allen B. West:

There’s a lot of focus on the Middle East, and it’s warranted considering the abject collapse of the region under President Barack Obama’s failures — Syria, Iraq, Libya. We also hear a lot about the relationship with Russia, especially since Vladimir Putin has wholeheartedly exploited Obama’s “flexibility” — from Syria to Crimea to Ukraine, and elsewhere.

But we must never lose sight of the Pacific Rim, where China has been expanding its hegemonic dominance — funny, Obama said we were pivoting to the Pacific in his strategy. Then again, he also said Yemen was a shining example of the success of his counterterrorism strategy.

And we still have liberal progressives who want to argue his foreign policy successes?

We’ve witnessed what has been termed the “Trump rally” in our major economic indices. What if we could begin to see a Trump rally in international affairs? There’s no doubt Trump knows the economy, and as a private sector businessman, can formulate a team to initiate economic growth. However, what’s truly needed will be a national security team that can restore trust and confidence in American exceptionalism, strength, and commitment on the global stage.

The tough road ahead for Donald Trump will not be about economic growth and reigniting our energy sector, it will be assuming the watch over a world gone nuts. Trump must rebuild a military capability and capacity to be a credible deterrent to back up his foreign policy. And that MUST happen while we’re engaged against state and non-state belligerent actors. Hope and change failed, and compromise, appeasement, and acquiescence were very aromatic enticements for those who were smelling American weakness.

But there are some promising signs, as reported by Stars and Stripes, A Chinese state newspaper on Tuesday criticized Singapore over the Southeast Asian city-state’s military training with self-governing Taiwan, following the impounding of nine Singaporean infantry fighting vehicles transiting through Hong Kong. 

The Communist Party-run Global Times said in an editorial Tuesday that Singapore was responsible for the incident, but gave no details about what laws or regulations have been broken by the shipping of the armored vehicles from Taiwan. The vehicles were being sent to Singapore from Kaohsiung, in southern Taiwan, after a military exercise there, when they were seized on Wednesday by Hong Kong. 

The editorial said China has long opposed all forms of military cooperation between other countries and Taiwan, which Beijing claims as a breakaway province to be reunited with by force if necessary. 

“China opposes the outside world having any form of military cooperation or exchange with Taiwan,” the paper said. “Singapore, a state that has diplomatic relations with China, should be cautious in this regard.” 

Singapore’s defense minister, Ng Eng Hen, said Tuesday that the city-state supports the “one-China” principle — Beijing’s view that the mainland and Taiwan are part of a single Chinese nation — and that Singapore is open about its overseas training arrangements. 

“Any training matters between us and other countries are bilateral, and we should not unnecessarily, until the facts come out, muddle the picture and impute various motives,” he said. Ng said Singapore “plays a positive role in cross-strait relations, and we will continue to do so,” citing as an example the city-state’s hosting of a historic meeting last year between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwan’s then-president, Ma Ying-jeou.

Alexander the Great once stated, “fortune favors the bold,” and the incoming Trump administration has an opportunity for boldness. America should openly embrace Taiwan and begin bilateral military training and recognition. We know President Trump will not be supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a broad, and rather nebulous, trade consortium. However, there is a window of opportunity to enact a better trade agreement with Taiwan. The thing Communist China learned from the collapse of the Soviet Union was that it was defeated not militarily, but rather economically. And that’s why China has embraced their version of free market capitalism, but it just goes to sustain their central government communist ideology.

With a strong economy and the embracing of singular nations in the Pacific Rim, we can constrain China’s expansionism. And if we display credible resolve to China, that will go to undermine North Korea; it’s all about taking the high ground.

My recommendation to President-elect Trump would be to pick up the phone and call the leadership of Taiwan and Singapore. I would let the Singaporean leader know the United States will replace your nine infantry fighting vehicles and provide spare parts for logistical sustainment. I would confide in the Taiwanese leader a vision for a better US-Taiwanese relations and cooperation along economic, diplomatic and military lines. The goal is to put pressure on China, who as we have reported, has strengthened its relations with Iran, and is planning to involve itself in Syria.

The boldness of an incoming Trump administration of steely-eyed professionals would be to say to China, America will have cooperation with whomever we wish. That message needs to be sent, and clearly understood by China’s Xi Jinping, who has treated Barack Obama with less respect than a “binky” toy. Now, there are those who will cry foul, that I am endorsing provocative actions — heck, what do you call building manmade islands and fortifying them with military weaponry? And let’s be honest, you cannot provoke a bully; what you can do is make a decision, be pushed around or punch the bully in the nose. And there are many different ways to punch a bully in the nose when it comes to international affairs — mainly, align yourself with more friends than the bully — but you must evidence a willingness and courage to confront the bully.

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s selections for national security will send a very distinct message across the globe. He needs to select those who have the background and expertise, along with a backbone. The days of inept and incompetent buffoons such as Susan Rice, Ash Carter and Ben Rhodes will be done in 51 days, 4 hours, 18 minutes, and 50 seconds as of the moment of my typing this missive. And someone needs to tell Sen. Chuckie Schumer to shut the heck up, he does not intimidate anyone with all these empty threats about what he and his flying monkeys are going to do during confirmation hearings. Trump needs to select those who during their confirmation inquisition will look at those adversarial Democrats and made a certain thrill run down their legs.

We’re going to make America’s economy great again; all the economic indicators are showing positive signs — OECD even agrees and has revised US GDP growth forecasts for 2017 and 2018. But if we are to make America respected again, we need to dispatch a team of diplomatic and national security Warriors who will …….


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Here’s what Trump must do to make America RESPECTED again… – Allen B. West –

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