Allen West “Here’s What I Find ODD About The Iran-US Navy Incident”

Allen West

As Written By Allen West for Family Security Matters:

There are so many moving pieces surrounding this Riverine Assault boat seizure incident and the capture of 10 U.S. sailors. The pictures of our sailors on their knees, hands over their heads, is being displayed all over the world, and paraded about by our enemies. This is an utterly embarrassing moment and is not in keeping with the great traditions of John Paul Jones and Stephen Decatur. But I thought it important to take the time to provide an analysis of what we do know.

This incident reminds me of when three American soldiers were captured by the Yugoslavian army back in Bosnia, 1999. As CNN reported:

Three U.S. army soldiers were held captive by the Yugoslav Army Thursday after it said the three men “were captured on Serb territory” and “resisted arrest.”

Serb television showed pictures of the three men dressed in camouflage military fatigues. One of the men had several cuts on his face; another had a cut on his nose. 

Serb television identified the men as James Stone, Andrew Ramirez and Steven Gonzales. The names could also be seen on their camouflage uniforms. NATO spokesman Jamie Shea said the three were part of the peacekeeping mission in Macedonia and were on a routine vehicle patrol “in fairly rugged terrain near Kumanovo when they reported they had come under fire.” 

“This morning we have seen the TV pictures indicating that these three soldiers had been captured by Yugoslav forces,” he said.”  

I was still on active duty and was a Major assigned as the Executive Officer of an air assault artillery Battalion at Ft. Bragg. Our immediate question was, how were these soldiers apprehended without firing a shot? As well, we pondered why were these three operating isolated from support and when did they call in for a reaction force? If you remember, Jesse Jackson was dispatched and they were released to him – and they sang “free at last” – how cute. It was an embarrassing moment. There were rumors all over the place; one was that these three were taken while stopping off at a local eating establishment. One thing is for certain, they were taken without firing a shot.

That brings me to this current incident with the Iranians. First of all, I find it odd that these Riverine craft were operating on an excursion from Kuwait to Bahrain. Why were they



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