Allen West “Here’s what really intrigues me about Iowa tonight”

Tonight is the Iowa Caucus and here is what Allen West found absolutely fascinating.

The Iowa Republican
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As Written By Allen B. West:

I pray everyone had a great weekend. I certainly enjoyed my Friday in Amarillo, Saturday at the Tarrant County GOP Lincoln Dinner — Gov. Greg Abbott is just awesome — and Sunday evening speaking at First Baptist Church, Dallas.

So here we are Monday, February the 1st, with the first electoral event of the critical 2016 presidential primary season, the Iowa caucuses. There just may be some surprises by the end of Monday as things get a little tighter and interesting.

Per my assessment of the last GOP debate, I see these folks as the top three, alphabetical order: Cruz, Rubio, Trump. As for the Democrat side, well, I don’t know if anything could dissuade the Hillary Clinton acolytes. Anyone else in government service who’s done what the former secretary of state has done, well, they would’ve been wearing an orange jumpsuit quite some time ago – and they do make pantsuits in orange.

But what intrigues me is this phenomenon of Senator Bernie Sanders. When Chris Matthews asked both Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to define the difference from a Democrat and a socialist, they both whiffed in responding. The obvious and apparent response is that there is no difference.

We could be one day away from witnessing the winner of the Democrat Iowa Caucus being an avowed socialist. Now, in case you’re somewhat clueless, we already did a philosophical analysis of what socialism and progressivism entails — there are several critical points. Sanders’ campaign slogan is “a future we can believe in” — all this reminds me of the euphoria of eight years ago with another Democrat Senator, Barack Obama. At least Sanders admits to his guiding principles, Obama was the chameleon who told us he was a blank slate and that we could write upon him as we wished. Obama also went by the campaign slogan of “change we can believe in” and of course the insidious blank slogan of “hope and change.”

I hate these nebulous slogans. If I were running what would be mine you ask? It would simply be “A Republic to keep” based on Benjamin Franklin’s response to Mrs. Powell outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia, September 17, 1787 when she asked if we had a republic or a monarchy.

And there was another slogan Obama used back in 2008 which is very telling about the progressive socialist mindset: “yes we can.” Now, let us ponder, yes we can what?

You have to admire these inane empty rhetorical slogans which just inspire blind emotion, but are meaningless. Could it be “yes we can fundamentally transform America?” Doggone that sure has happened as the executive and judicial branches are doing the legislation — actually ruling by judicial decision and executive fiat…was that the whole impetus behind “yes we can?” Yes, we CAN take away your freedom and liberty?

But that’s the real kicker about “yes we can.” The progressive socialist philosophy isn’t based on what can be accomplished by the indomitable individual spirit. It’s not about the blessings of liberty and what individual sovereignty enables one to achieve.

Truthfully, what the progressive socialist left – which has taken over the Democrat Party — is saying, is “No you can’t.”



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