Allen West: Here’s what y’all need to keep in mind about this recount BS

What you’re doing now — and I’ll be brutally honest — is just digging yourselves a deeper hole, and I’m of the mindset to provide you more shovels.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Wow. All you can say is wow.

The Democrats just cannot get over the fact they lost the presidential election on November 8th. I mean seriously, when it was Senator Norm Coleman in Minnesota and there were reports of ballots being found in car trunks — all for Al Franken of course — the Democrats blew it off.

In my own congressional reelection race, at a specified time late in the evening, after some had the called the race, there was a 4,000 vote shift. The explanation from the St. Lucie County supervisor of elections, Gertrude Walker, was that they went back and did a recount of absentee ballots. And even when a recount was sought and there were ballots seen being moved by Ms. Walker in late night hours, the Democrats blew it off. So what I see happening by the Democrats now is certainly hypocritical, and yes, deplorable.

And as we reported yesterday, not only is Green Party candidate Jill Stein raising millions of dollars for the recount effort, now Hillary Clinton wants a piece of the action, even though a. here own team says it won’t change the results and b. Stein doesn’t want her help.

Let’s carefully analyze this endeavor. First of all consider the fact that the Clinton campaign had not “uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology.”

And therefore as her spokesperson, Marc Elias, has stated, the Clinton campaign had not planned to exercise this recount option themselves. So what is this all about?

Furthermore, you don’t conduct a recount after you have conceded the election, which is exactly what Hillary Clinton did by phone on election night (after Barack Obama made her do it). She sent out campaign chairman John Podesta to send everyone home.

Now, this is being conducted by Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate who only received some 30,000 votes in Wisconsin, as opposed to President-elect Trump who earned close to 1.5 million. Does Ms. Stein actually believe she is going to conduct a recount that will close the margin of defeat for her? And Clinton’s team has stated there’s no probable cause for this effort. Heck even the state of Wisconsin said so. So why is it being done?

Simple answer: the kids continue to throw their temper tantrum in complete and utter disbelieve of what happened on election night. The progressive socialist left continues to believe if they throw themselves on the ground, scream, yell, shout and cry, they’ll eventually get their box of Fruit Loops.

This is evidence of the arrested development of the left, who believe they’re predestined to rule, and elections are just a show piece.

What Donald Trump did was actually preempt calling the left out for voter irregularities and fraud — something that cannot be debated. As a matter of fact, there is and has been plenty of probable cause and anecdotal proof to support such assertions.

Also, the leaked emails gave witness to the political manipulations of the DNC when it came to their own primary process, and collusion with the media. So yes, there has been a rigged system, but it was put into the light this election cycle and more Americans came out to watch and report — such as in the case of Broward Country supervisor of elections Brenda Snipes.

But that’s just not good enough for the left. Remember the ranting of the liberal progressives and the media about Donald Trump not accepting the results of the election? Boy howdy, the abject hypocrisy is laughable.

This is a massive waste of time, money, and resources but it gives us a window into a bigger problem for the Democrat Party — the lack of leadership. Here they’re still pouting about the presidential election, and Jill Stein has raised more money for this recount than she did for her presidential election bid. All she’s attempting to do is raise her profile, and at what cost?

There’s a Senate runoff election in Louisiana — poor little Democrat candidate, no one is paying him any attention. Remember not too long ago, the Democrats held a Senate seat in Louisiana with Mary Landrieu. It doesn’t look like the party of the jackass cares.

This is what happens when you have no leadership. Sadly, the contenders for that post in the Democrat Party appear to be further to the left: Rep. Keith Ellison, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and it seems, Dr. Jill Stein. There’s nothing to be uncovered in the Wisconsin recount and why is Hillary Clinton throwing in her support for the boondoggle?

Mrs. Clinton is now irrelevant. She lost two presidential endeavors, 2008 and 2016, both times feeling entitled…for an eventual coronation. She will not be a part of the way ahead for the Democrat Party. So, is Mrs. Clinton just a spoil sport, wanting to get back into the news cycle? Good luck with that ma’am.

If I may, I shall offer a recommendation to the Democrat Party: spend the recount money on rebuilding your brand. Spend the money to support a new generation of Democrats such as Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio.

If Nancy Pelosi is once again the House Minority Leader, it means y’all are the pure definition of insanity. Do your own self-assessment study and stop spending your money to pay protesters to call honest everyday Americans racists, sexists, and other disparaging and denigrating monikers.

What you’re doing now — and I’ll be brutally honest — is just digging yourselves a deeper hole, and I’m of the mindset to provide you more shovels. If you believe these recount actions and trying to derail the electoral college are endearing you to the American people, you are delusional. If you ….

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Here’s what y’all need to keep in mind about this recount BS… – Allen B. West –

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