Allen West “Hey Obama, how about an executive order for these folks?”

by Allen West

My last duty assignment in the Army was Ft. Hood Texas – I’m looking forward to getting my motorcycle out here and heading down to Texas Hill Country for a visit to Ft. Hood. I have fond memories of being stationed there and commanding the 2nd Battalion, 20th Field Artillery (MLRS) “Deep Strike”, 4th Infantry Division. I watched our girls grow and it was there that little Austen learned to ride a bike without training wheels. And I remember the tears and hugs when I redeployed back from Iraq. I also remember the fateful day in November 2009 when a traitor dressed in the uniform of our U.S. Army executed a vicious Islamic jihadist attack on Ft. Hood. Nidal Hasan is right up there with Benedict Arnold – or worse.

We’ve fought for years to have those who lost their lives and the survivors of the attack recognized as having been part of a 21st century battlefield that does not have borders and boundaries. Finally, yesterday, those Soldiers and families got just a little closure.

As reported by, “Victims of the 2009 Fort Hood terror attack finally received their long-delayed honor on Friday at a Purple Heart ceremony in Texas — though they may have to keep fighting to get military benefits. Nearly 50 survivors lined up at the ceremony held at Fort Hood on Friday, and all were given either a Purple Heart or Defense of Freedom medal for their injuries. The ceremony was years in the making, as the U.S. government initially described the attack as mere workplace violence, and not terrorism. But the medal, while long-sought, may be symbolic. At least one survivor told Fox News ahead of the ceremony that the Army has so far denied him any benefits, and his fellow service members are likely in for a similar struggle. “It sounds like there’s going to be some more fighting ahead of us with the Army, at least in regards to benefits,” retired Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning, who was shot six times by Maj. Nidal Hasan, told Fox News on Friday. He explained the Army is not defining the injuries as combat-related.”

I find it unconscionable that we have Army leadership taking orders from a judge saying we must refer to another traitor, Bradley Manning, as Ms, Chelsea, and provide hormonal treatments on the taxpayer dollar for this Soldier.


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Allen West “Hey Obama, how about an executive order for these folks?”

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