Allen West: Hold your hats, folks: just when you think it couldn’t get ANY WORSE!

Well, just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, that the obvious could not become more murky…hold your hats, folks.

As Written By Allen B. West:

There’s an acronym using military phonetics that I like to use on occasion, Bravo-Foxtrot-Oscar (BFO) — meaning, “Blinding Flash of the Obvious.” You know, when something is just so clear it should not be astonishing or surprising. You know, it’s kinda like when President Obama stood up back a couple years ago in August and stated, “Let me make myself clear, ISIS is not Islamic.” Well, darn, thanks President Obama for clarifying the obvious for us — so what, pray tell, does that “I” in ISIS stand for? Perhaps it represents Presbyterian, maybe Methodist, possibly Calvinist, nah Lutheran.

Well, just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, that the obvious could not become more murky…hold your hats, folks.

As reported by the Washington Times: U.S. Special Operations Command has privately pressed the staff of the nation’s highest-ranking military officer to include in his upcoming National Military Strategy a discussion of the Sunni Muslim ideology underpinning the brutality of the Islamic State group and al Qaeda. 

Thus, behind the scenes, the Pentagon’s top brass have entered a debate coursing through the presidential campaign: how to define an enemy the U.S. military has been fighting for 15 years. 

The National Military Strategy, authored by the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, is one of the most important guidances issued to global combatant commanders. It prioritizes threats to the nation and how to blunt them. 

The 2015 public version does not mention Islamic ideology. It lists terrorists under the ambiguous category of “violent extremist organizations” and singles out al Qaeda and the Islamic State group. 

Marine Corps Gen. Joseph F. Dunford took the chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs of Staff two months later and is now preparing his first National Military Strategy. 

It is during this process that Special Operations Command, which plays a major role in hunting down terrorists, has provided its input to the Joint Staff, Gen. Dunford’s team of intelligence and operations officers at the Pentagon.

Special Operations Command wants the National Military Strategy to specifically name Salafi jihadism as the doctrine that inspires violent Muslim extremists. Salafi jihadism is a branch within Sunni Islam. It is embraced by the Islamic State and used to justify its mass killings of nonbelievers, including Shiite Muslims, Sunnis and Kurds, as well as Christians. 

People knowledgeable about the discussion told The Washington Times that SoCom has not been able to persuade Gen. Dunford’s staff to include Salafi jihadism in any strategy draft. It is unclear whether Gen. Dunford has been briefed on the proposals.

Well, we could also address Deobandism, as well as Wahabbism, along with Salafism as the virulent strains that inspire Sunni Islamic jihadism.

Now, you may ask, what’s the difference between Sunni and Shia Islam? It is simple, obvious to those of us who’ve studied it — then again, some “administrator” at St. Louis University says I’m not experienced to discuss this. I’ve not heard back from this individual, so I will certainly be on the campus Thursday evening to discuss radical Islam. The Sunni sect of Islam believes that a Muslim leader, Caliph, must be a direct descendant of Mohammad. Shia Islam believes that any devout Muslim can be the leader. The two had a very fateful clash at the Battle of Karbala, which is located in Iraq, and the Shiites were slaughtered; groups like ISIS continue to see the Shiites as heretics.

And this is why Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam’s “holiest” sites, are pitted enemies, adversaries, of Iran, the largest Shia-dominated country. However, true to the adage, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” you’ll find Iran supporting a Sunni Islam terrorist group such as Hamas, which is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Once they wipe out the lesser Satan and the greater Satan — Israel and America — they’ll figure out the spoils amongst themselves. Sadly, it appears that this little tutorial is something not very well explained and included in our National Military Strategy (NMS). And you can bet the Islamist sympathizer himself, Barack Hussein Obama, has directed — in line with the bidding of CAIR — SecDef Ash Carter that the NMS will not include any declarations as such.

So, how abjectly boneheaded can we be to have been fighting this enemy all this time, yet we’re not defining them based upon who they define themselves to be. Then again, the BFO according to the left is that climate change is the real enemy. Even the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, has stated the Islamic jihadists are affected by the hot weather — it just makes them wanna crucify, behead and use Christian girls as sex slaves.

Never mind that these jihadists read and hold up the Koran before they behead folks, you know, pay no mind to who they are and what they do according to their book and prophet. And that’s exactly as the Dey of Algiers articulated to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in Paris back in the 1790s. Ya just have to wonder who wrote Jefferson’s National Military Strategy when he was president. I can tell you one thing, it involved building up a Navy and sending Marines to kick the crap out of the Barbary Pirates — Sunni Islamic jihadists.

See, as George Santayana is attributed as saying, “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” As well, the Obama administration supports UN Resolution 16/18, which we’ve shared with you before, which is promoted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), that castigates any language deemed offensive about Islam as, well, criminal. And we know that Hillary Clinton has said we cannot talk about who the Islamic jihadists are, because if we do, we just enable them to recruit more. Meanwhile, the attorney general has said our best means to combat terrorism is with compassion, unity, and love — so, in other words, let’s not upset them by calling them names, you know defining them for who they actually are.

After all, it’s all the fault of the weather, doggone air conditioning is a greater threat, so quite sure General Dunford will be addressing the weather and BTUs — damn BTUs, causing us to suffer.

Yep, I’m being truly facetious, but folks, if we were to seriously consider what’s happening, we would just break down and cry. So I must use sarcasm in order to not just go ballistic in anger. Just imagine, these are the folks in charge of our Country. And these are the chuckleheads who want to stay in charge of our Country. We cannot speak of “profiling” — well, it’s actually a matter of “trend analysis” — because that just hurts the Islamic jihadists’ feelings. And we can’t keep them locked up as non-state, non-uniform unlawful combatants — we must release them like a remake of the movie “Born Free.”

So the question is simple: will the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a Marine General nicknamed “Fighting Joe,” succumb to the pressures of wussies inside the Beltway? Or will this proven combat leader develop a document which provides guidance to our Warriors on who this enemy is, and why we must ….

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Hold your hats, folks: just when you think it couldn’t get ANY WORSE… – Allen B. West –

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