Allen West “Hope and change? Israel was hoping we’d change presidents in 2012.

 by Allen West 

I wish our government would take note: when it comes to sovereign protection of its citizens, Israel talks less and acts more. Israeli leaders don’t speak of “red lines” and hopefully they learned the lesson from recent combat operations to understand that limited ops yield limited results — and actually embolden the enemy.

As the Washington Post reports, “Israeli warplanes and rockets struck nine targets in Syria early Monday in retaliation for a missile attack from Syria on Sunday that killed an Israeli teenager and wounded his father along the border in the Golan Heights.

A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces said Monday that Israel fired guided missiles from the ground and rockets from the air that hit sites in Syria, including a military command headquarters.”

Someone has to take a leadership role against Islamic terrorism, since the U.S. clearly won’t.

On Sunday, the Israeli teenager was killed and two other civilians were injured in what the Israeli military called an intentional cross-border attack from Syria into the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights.


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