Allen West: Hours before Trump spoke at CPAC, I noticed two things of DEEP concern

Former Congressman, Allen West would like to see President Donald Trump refocus on the important things. It is time to let go of the media bashing, he has made his point abundantly clear. Mr. Trump should focus on exposing the massive failings of the progressive left, and then put forward his plans to Make America Great Again. Read Mr. West’s comments here.

As Written By Allen B. West:

There are two very interesting weekend political events happening in America.

Yesterday I discussed the race for Democrat National Committee Chairman being held in my hometown of Atlanta. The results of that race will certainly determine the future of the Democrat Party. But one thing is for certain, if the Democrat Party no longer believes in national sovereignty, yet believes their raison d’être is about telling us who goes to what bathroom, that is not a winning proposition. We’re all watching these manic town hall meetings happening at GOP member town halls — many are comparing this to the rise of the constitutional conservative grassroots movement known as the Tea Party. But there’s a big difference. The folks yelling at these GOP members are bereft in understanding the intricacies of policy. One person yelling, “Obamacare saved my life” — ok, that’s a very kind emotional screech, but there are hundreds of thousands of other Americans who lost their doctors and insurance coverage, which Barack Obama said would not happen.

I’d love to sit and have the discussion with any of these well-rehearsed and scripted shouters about what the “risk corridor” was in Obamacare. Or how about the twenty new taxes Obamacare brought upon the American people — one as insidious as the venerable tanning tax, and we shared with y’all an analysis of the consequences of that tax on female small business owners.

Maybe we can talk about how Obamacare destroys Medicare Part D as a bill payer, or how many insurance companies are dropping Obamacare coverage because the costs are just too high. Perhaps we could have a nice chat about a national debt that went from $10.67 trillion to over $19.5 trillion in the eight years of the Obama reign — and that’s supposed to be fiscal success? Oh yeah, part of that included the massive spending junkets of Obamacare and the stimulus — which only stimulated the excessive debt growth.

Yes, I could easily go on ad nauseam on policy issues where the past eight years of a progressive socialist ideological policy agenda failed this nation. And no amount of screaming, car burning, violence, and protests can change facts…as a liberal Democrat senator from New York, Daniel Patrick Monyihan, once quipped, “you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.” And we know facts to liberal progressive socialists are like sunlight to vampires. Hence why the political contest in Atlanta for the leadership of the DNC is all about more emotion, more movement to the far left, and not about connecting to America’s fundamental principles and values.

And therein lies the huge difference between what happened with the Tea Party movement and this conclave of emotional rantings that the left is trying to create…it ain’t based on any policy fact; just empty rhetoric and emotion. It’s truly grounded in a sense of political coercion and intimidation, and it does appear to be working if you consider the GOP majority recalcitrance to “make it happen.”

Let’s be honest, when the left is in power, they don’t give a damn what constitutional conservatives think…and anyway, we don’t “feel” as a primary motive. The left, i.e. Obama, told his political opposition that they won, and rammed their agenda down America’s throat. And after eight years, that agenda was repudiated and rejected, which REALLY angered the left who feels that anyone not agreeing with their vision is stupid, ignorant, racist, sexist, and suffering from multiple phobias.

And oddly enough, even after losing, based on policy failure, the left continues to feel the same way. Well, good luck with that. My advice to the House and Senate GOP is, borrowing from the Nike maxim, “Just Do It.” If for one single minute you believe you’re going to appease and make the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, or any other leftist media outlet happy and like you, well, you’ve been smoking crack.

Now is not the time to be concerned with what that minority of coastal elitists feel; do what’s right by America, and restore a pro-economic growth and pro-national security agenda by way of constitutional conservative principles and values. Oh yeah Paul Ryan and Kevin Brady, a Border Adjustment Tax just isn’t consistent with those values…I shared a missive about that earlier.

That brings me to the other major political event happening this weekend in the DC area — the annual gathering of the Conservative Political Action Committee or conference, known as CPAC.

Today, in just a few hours, President Trump will address this gathering, and all eyes will be upon him. It is imperative that President Trump articulates what his philosophy of governance is for America. Just as a platform of comparison, Barack Obama’s was rooted in wealth redistribution, nationalization of production, expansion of the welfare nanny-state, social egalitarianism, and secular humanism through executive fiat (just ask Hobby Lobby, Little Sisters of the Poor, or the Kleins of Oregon).

What President Trump should do this day on this grand stage at the National Harbor of CPAC is clearly delineate why progressive socialism fails, always has and always will. He needs to draw that comparison that speaks to every American, and put the left on defense to explain every single policy failure of the past eight years, and even before.

This cannot be about Trump populism, but about American conservatism and if Trump knows a little about political philosophy, he’ll tell the world about what classical liberalism is, as opposed to this post-modern perversion that’s been hijacked and called liberalism.

Here should be the plan: in a short 45 minute address, President Donald Trump could destroy the platform of the left and render them running and frothing. This cannot be another rant about the media, but take the time to educate the American people — since you do own the stage — and hammer away at what does indeed “Make America Great Again.” CPAC can be the launching point for a new resurgence of constitutional conservatism in America…and Trump’s address there could set the stage for his address before the joint session of Congress next week. There’s no better way to go on offense and direct the narrative.

America, whether or you know it, this weekend represents a clear opportunity to make a choice — well, actually, solidify the choice made last November. As we go forward, it’s time for conservatives to stop living in the realm of fear of the left. And I mean no  longer fear the specter of George Soros or the influence of entertainment and media elites.

It’s time to draw the ideological battle lines and embrace the motto of the U.S. Army, “This We’ll Defend”…but you MUST know that which you are defending. And you must understand that against which you are making a stand.

This leftist movement, and today’s Democrat Party have moved farther and farther away from the essence of what this Constitutional Republic means. And the only way they can regain their power is not through honest and factual debate, but rather through the suppression of opposing thought, along with violence, coercion, and intimidation. They are taking to the town hall meetings not with a policy solution but with an anger. And it’s a different angst than what was evidenced in the constitutional conservative grassroots movement which said these policies will fail…and fail they did, and will.

Ya know what I find perplexing? It’s how the progressive socialist left cares so much about those who disregard our national sovereignty — illegal aliens — more than they do our veterans. I shall ask the rhetorical question: when did you see the left take to the streets and protest the treatment of our men and women who’ve served this nation, but were horrifically treated by their own Veterans …..


Hours before Trump speaks at CPAC, I noticed two things of DEEP concern… – Allen B. West –

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