Allen West “How many more Americans will lose health coverage to Obama’s arrogance?”

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida, December 9, 2013 – “You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts” is generally attributed to the late Senator Daniel Moynihan, but it certainly applies to President Barack Obama when he complains the GOP has not put forward a plan to resolve America’s healthcare issues.

In a recent speech Obama said, “the only alternative that Obamacare’s critics have is, well, let’s just go back to the status quo — because they sure haven’t presented an alternative.” But this simply isn’t true.

My former colleagues have always delivered free-market based solutions to resolve the healthcare (health coverage) issue. As a matter of fact, House Republicans, spearheaded by my former Committee on Small Business, successfully repealed the small business paperwork (“1099”) mandate: The paperwork mandate was called “one of Washington’s dumbest ideas” – it would have destroyed jobs and “hit start-ups hardest, not to mention farms, charities and churches.” This legislation, H.R. 4, passed the House, the Senate, and was signed by President Obama. It also reduced exchange subsidy overpayments by $25 billion.

Six other parts of Obamacare have been successfully repealed – and yes, President Obama signed these measures.


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