Allen West: How Texas ‘Constructs’ a Vibrant Economy

The State of Texas has a booming economy when compared to the Nation’s financial numbers.

As the Texas business-friendly tax model continues to work, more and more business look to move there. With the relocation, the construction industry is the first to benefit. What is the down side to all this growth? The industries are fleeing the Blue States and attracting workers from the same ares. This has an effect of turning Texas Blue. Will these Blue workers kill the Texas model?


As Written By Allen West at Townhall with Meloni McDaniel:

Economic Growth Policies and the Construction Industry in North and East Texas

There is a saying in Texas, “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as quick as I could.” That phenomena of population growth can certainly be evidenced in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. With a population boom comes increases in economic growth and expansion affecting other sectors of development. We have seen in Texas how economic growth policies can attract businesses and corporations. That results in greater demands placed upon a particular industry, particularly the construction component.

Recently, businesses such as Toyota, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, 7-Eleven, Kubota, and JP Morgan Chase have decided to relocate to Dallas-Fort Worth from outside Texas. With these major companies, there are also a plethora of small businesses — some multi-generational and other franchises that are part of the domino effect resulting from the larger company relocations. We have seen a major population influx from both the West Coast and Northeast. There is no debate that when you look at states with pro-growth economic policies, the free market pays attention, and business decisions are based upon states and regions providing the best growth opportunities and incentives.

In the North Texas region, TEXO (the largest commercial construction association in the State of Texas) has witnessed a flood of specialty and general contractors moving into the area. There have also been an increase in specialty startups. This is creating a “trickle down” effect, and it is a positive one, as opposed to the negative outcomes from those who prefer a greater expansion of the welfare nanny-state.


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